Expert Panel Discusses Cybersecurity in the New Normal

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Watch panelist Chris Roberts, G. Mark Hardy, and Matthew Rosenquist at VShield 2020

I had the honor to be on a distinguished panel with the incredibly knowledgeable G. Mark Hardy and the infamous white-hat hacker Chris Roberts. We discussed the evolution of cyber resilience, agility, and innovation in these troubling times. 

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Gokhan Say, the organizer of VShield 2020, facilitated a great list of issues that impact every digital citizen on the planet! 

Watch the panel as we discuss the following topics:

  1. Is Covid-19 a turning point for cybersecurity?
  2. Are Insider Threats increasing with the shift to remote workforces? 
  3. Are trusted employees still the greatest threat? How can security help improve employee behaviors?
  4. Privacy: is it a government, business, or societal problem? What is the responsible approach? Should tech companies be compelled to unlock user devices, build-in backdoors, or use weak encryption algorithms? 
  5. Are Bug Bounty programs good or evil for technology?
  6. How important is IoT security? Are the emerging risks being addressed or ignored across transportation, critical infrastructure, and government agencies?
  7. Nation States – will the cold war intensify? 
  8. How will hardware and firmware insecurity for critical infrastructure play out? Where are the risks?
  9. What are the most important emerging topics in cybersecurity!

These guys were awesome! I was thrilled to be part of this panel and share my humble thoughts. We all are looking forward to doing this again on-stage next year in Istanbul Turkey, where we can debate, banter, pontificate, take questions from the audience!

The entire VShield 2020 conference is recorded and posted to YouTube!

Here is a link, our panel starts at 3:11:27 and ends at 3:44:15 (~33 minute panel):

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Great panel! Some scary insights!!!