Why you should upgrade your Windows 7 ASAP

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About 1 week ago, on the 14th of January 2020, support for Windows 7 has officially ended. This means that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates and most importantly security updates or fixes.

Windows 7 End of Support


Though you can technically still use Windows 7 for now, you are potentially exposing your PC to future vulnerabilities and malware that Microsoft is not obliged to fix. Hence, it will be a good idea to upgrade to a newer one, such as Windows 10.

What can you do?


The "easiest" way to upgrade is simply to buy a new PC. Since Microsoft ended sales of Windows 7 in 2014, your PC must be at least 5 years old if you are still running Windows 7. Hence, it might be a good time to purchase a new PC. However, if your PC is still new, you may want to perform an in-place upgrade following this guide.

One quarter of Windows PC are still on Windows 7

According to StatCounter, about 26% of Windows machines are still running Windows 7. This is based on statistics in December 2019, so it should still be quite accurate.

Market Share by Windows Version


What is most worrisome and astonishing is the fact that there are still 1.3% of Windows PC running Windows XP! Microsoft ended support for Windows XP since 2014 and a number of vulnerabilities had been discovered since then.

Windows XP Vulnerabilities


When will people ever learn to always patch and upgrade their systems to a secure version? Unpatched systems are the main reasons for most data breaches and it is the basic thing to keep ourselves safe in this increasingly dangerous virtual world.

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Hi @culgin
Wow I think I can not say anything about it, since the year 98 I have a Pentium 4 with ubuntu, that team should not update it because it only has 1GB RAM lol
I would like to have a better team, but I can't buy it.

Greetings friend

Wow, Pentium 4 with Ubuntu! Is it still working?

My 11-y old notebook runs Win7. I experimented a lot with Ubuntu but it is not really pleasant. For work, it is horrible.
Maybe I use it as an Ubuntu-based video-PC, only to view movies and videosites.

I played around with Ubuntu once as well. Unfortunately there are still many games that are not supported on it. Hence, I cannot escape using Windows. 😅

But to be honest, Windows 10 is really quite good and I have no complain so far using it

Linux forever

I like your love for Linux. Haha.. but do bear in mind that Linux also has vulnerabilities and they do go EOL as well

I have Win 7 running on my PC.
I have thought about upgrade it to 10, but since it works well then I have not decided to do it.
When Microsoft announced that it would stop supporting WinXp, there was a lot of controversy about it. Especially in countries like Venezuela where many families do not have financial resources to acquire newer equipment. Currently there are people who have XP and their equipment continues to work acceptably.

But definitely, I will upgrade.

Cost may indeed be an issue. Perhaps that is why there are still so many Windows XP around 😅

Cost may indeed be an issue.

Especially here in Venezuela.