The Art that Drives the Tech

in #curie2 years ago


When working on set it is crucial to work as fast and efficiently as possible. While it's not always important to have the latest camera or the most expensive lens one thing that is very important is to always have proper lighting. Lighting will make or break a video more than anything else. This past year I had the opportunity to work on a commercial for a film lighting company called Aputure. They make affordable high-end lighting equipment for indie and professional filmmakers.

One of the best things about their lights aside from the quality is the wireless control of the lights. Imagine setting up a ton of lights and then having to adjust everything by hand anytime you need to make an adjustment. It would waste so much time and drive you crazy. Luckily with just a phone or tablet, you can connect all of the lights to the app and control every aspect from one device, and save so much time.

I have their lights and love them! It was such a great time working on this project and I cant wait to see that projects come to be in 2021.