Fun Round Up Game for curators and voters.

in #curate2 years ago


I have taken a lot of my HP off @upmewhale and have been enjoying a little game as a curator.

I believe I am a dolphin now, and with HIVE prices in the 20 cent range there isn't too much I can do to help a post. But I definitely love seeing posts that have their cents in the 80 cent or 90 cent range and helping them into the next dollar.

Here is a gif showing the simple round up in action.


I have spent 4 years on the platform and never thought to do a little curation game like this.

The fun part is that I don't think about the vote percent, I am just helping someone round up!


That image is from

You should try it too. Go down your feed and see who you can help round up. Even getting someone from 0.09 to 0.10 (or voting .01) is fun as a curator.


Hey, thanks a lot and its really very helpful to know about user status, once again thank you.