Promises not kept!

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Promises not kept!

I was born in 1961 on the tail end of the baby boomers.

The US was still thriving post-WWII and the Korean War. The Vietnam war was just warming up with all its social impact.

Technology was starting to explode. We did things that were never thought possible.

Through school in the late 60s and 70s, there was much discussion of future inventions and common beliefs of a different society.

Nasa was teasing us with rockets and space flight and eventually the lunar landing.

All these events were fodder for the promises that were made. We expected certain technologies to excel, and several inventions were expected to arrive.
The most impressive of these was of course the flying car. We were told that we would have flying cars by the time we were adults.
Jet packs were the sister invention to the flying cars, I guess kind of like the motorcycle of the flying cars.
We were to colonize the moon and have working cities there. Along with that would be commercial travel to the moon.

Now, not to be a downer, technology has given us a lot of cool devices and has certainly changed the world in many areas. I am just a little disappointed that I am not flying my car to work every day.

What were you promised for your future self that never came to be?

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John Novak


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Good to know that you are 6 years older than me. I am actually the youngest compared to my friends.

Speaking of promises, now that it is election time in the Philippines, most Filipinos are getting crazy about their next President. Some are even fighting and relationships are broken. As for me, I have been hearing such promises as economic inclusion and poverty reduction since I was 7. Forty-eight years after, I got tired, but many of my countrymen are still hoping for a change. In my mind, no matter who is sitting in the highest position on the land, nothing will change, not unless both fiscal and monetary policies are changed as well as the international monetary system. With the advent of blockchain technology, I see hope. It's good to know that such a system outside of national governments and central banking has already been in existence even before the years both of us were born.

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Congratulations on winning the 5 ListNerds tokens. And thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.

Next time, I will watch out for your email. There might be another gem hidden there. 😄


Cool post. I believe there is a jetpack man who risks his life when trying to fly! Lol.

But they say, space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement.

Have a great day!

Thanks for the input, Steve. I appreciate it.

Great article. Red hot chilli peppers are cool.

I never placed my attention on those promises much, to safe myself the disappointments to come, since the factors to enable them are beyond my control, the promises I worry about, are the ones I made to myself.

Very good point, @gratitudemine

I am just a little disappointed that I am not flying my car to work every day.

Actually i will say there is a big change in the world now to year 1961, we have so many big tech now but unfortunately no flying cars but i believe they can still invent that, it may just take longer than expected , probably not your generation or even mine but the generation yet to arrive will get to enjoy it...

You are probably right, Burl. But at least we are getting self-driving cars. That is something I guess, lol. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.


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We may not have the flying cars that we were promised. Instead we got social media. And we did not see that coming! At least not in the 60s.

The good thing though is we got Hive, CTP and ListNerds! In my book that makes up for the broken promises! 😇

The flying cars are coming. I saw on 60 Minutes that several companies are building drone big enough for a person. They are testing them Now. Hang in there.

I am waiting..., LOL