Frequent errors and poor budget allocation when selecting game assemblies:

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  • More expensive processor than the card:

With games, the biggest performance is the responsibility of the screen card and not the processor, it is true that the processor is important, but the card is more important, buy a good processor and not overrated and do not make its price reach more than 50% of the price of the card !! The card provides you with the most performance in the games, no use of the i9 9900k processor with the gtx 1660 card !!

  • Very cheap board with expensive and fast processor !!

You do not have to cheap much on the board and not every board that includes your processor in the support list is appropriate, the very cheap z390 board is not a good choice for i9 9900k processor

  • More expensive processor:
    A processor like the i5 9400f does not need an average Z390 board even, the B365 medium, for example, does quite well. Mostly, the motherboard should be about half the price of the processor, about half or more.

  • Exaggerated cooling ..

It is true that good cooling is desirable, but buying more expensive cooling from the processor itself is crazy, i5 9400f processor will never need nzxt x62, buy a better processor for you than giant cooling .. good cooling is cooling that maintains the processor temperature reasonably, for example, 70 to 75 Under pressure .. You will not get more performance if you cool your processor to 45 times ..

Poor Choice of a Power Supplier:

The power supply and its choice must depend on factors other than power in watts .. Most of the game assemblies will suffice with a provider from 500 to 650w .. Also consider the brand and efficiency ... I ask before you buy .. you may buy 750w and it is bad and insecure

Fund does not matter:

The computer box is more than just a place to put the pieces together, do not make the box without a share of the budget, consider factors of shape, ventilation and proper size ..