My activity on Hive - LEO, CTP, STEM Engagement Post.....26/11/20

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Hello all Hive Friends..
Reading the post and interacting with people is a great way to engage with people and it helps a lot on Hive.
As I always say the engagement is the key to success on Hive.
Sharing some interesting posts from ctp, leofinance, and stemgeeks, I come across today...


Today I come across a very nice posts wwith titel - How Crypto and Blockchain Technology has Impacted my Personal Finance, which is a imitative by @theycallmedan, I have not prepared my entry (I will post on Sunday most probably) but I enjoy reading the post by different authors. @reeta0119 shared her story. I wish hum luck fir the future Goals.

I love to ready tech and science that by I love to gp through the STEM posts. @emiliomoron explain well why the Oil jumps when frying food. .

In everybody life we meet a number of problems, varies from small to big one , from office to the home problems. @madushanka express his views in the video post - Treat problems as an opportunity.

Thanks for stopping by my post.


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