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Dear cryptocurrency fans

We love the idea of making a quick buck and the idea of getting rich quick. It does sound nice right but cryptocurrency does have its dark side and it can wipe the holly ashes out of anybody’s wallet. I mean it is no different from regular finance A.K. Wall Street in the since of making money “buying low sale high”. It is crap if anybody fallows this path; we are emotional beings so it is hard to fallow this idea, instead of doing this we have to fallow the fundamentals of cryptocurrency by understanding it and respecting it.
It is scary, the thought of losing the hard working money it is earn in matter of minutes. Other than the fact of losing money, we do have a good side on the space and whoever is willing to put on the work by been patient everyone can make money investing in cryptocurrency, I mean making money the good way. I will say this as many times, I am require to and that is by understanding and learning the technology fundamentals.


I am no financial advisor but I can share my own experience which I have undertaken for the past 4 years that I been in cryptocurrency, I am here for the revolution against fiat crap centralize money that has brought pain around the world. I am not rich but I have made a few dollars in my investments by understanding the concept and not taken advantage of anybody. It is sad to say but people have done bad in the blockchain to fill their own pockets but trust me I seen the good side of the blockchain technology and a revolution towards does who control us.


I am here in this space not only for the money but also for the real idea of Satoshi. I want to be free; I want real change, real freedom and a real home. Anyone who is, or is thinking of getting to this space please understand the real idea of this revolution and do not do it just for the money, trust me it will be painful if you only fallow the money path. Understanding the project has to be anybody’s first due diligence, you will feel better ones you really understand why you are here even when the candles are pointing down “Bearish”.

Warm regards, One more cryptocurrency lover