Uptrennd - a new platform for social media pays you cryptocurrency

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The whole encryption space reinvents the world as we know it. The growing movement brings technological advances in almost every industry. As giant central entities grew in power, it was almost impossible for that inescapable force that success brings start to corrupt the morals of the companies themselves, and end users begin to suffer. Censorship is increasing, and it is becoming clear that content creators increasingly want to invest their content rather than obtaining centralized entities that reap all the financial benefits of their data.
It is quite clear that a new era of social media is needed ...
Uptrennd - empower content creators and promote the community
Uptrennd is a newly launched social media platform that shares a great deal of similarity with Reddit, which has seen tremendous growth recently. The platform features a basic encryption structure that rewards both creators and users who share content. It has an original ERC-20 code called '1-UP' built around the upvoting platform, and acts as a platform currency. Uptrennd also implemented innovative game features with a leveling system that allows users to earn more rewards from their posts and comments related to content collected after upgrading their accounts using the original "1Up" token. It will never get better

here is the link : https://www.uptrennd.com/signup/MjA3NTY