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CoinNess Market Surveillance Feb 28: Global Price Index Of BTC Trades Below $8600 Level

As of 18:11 (UTC) on Feb 28, the global price index of Bitcoin (BTC) trades below to the $8,600 level. At present, the coin marks $8,590.46 with a decrease of 3.80% in the past 24 hours. The Bullish vs. Bearish Indicator shows our four-hour technical bias on BTC is "Strong Sell" with 14 indicators sending out selling signals, three showing a neutral signal, and one indicating buying signals. The broad market is experiencing a downtrend, with seven out of Top 100 cryptos by market cap rising.

The global market cap reads $244.57 billion, and the 24-hour trading volume is $159.87 billion.

Major Coins

1. BTC quotes show 8,579.42 USDT on Binance, $8,608.84 on Bitfinex, $8,586.27 on Coinbase Pro and 8,564.30 USDT on;

2. Market Index presents quotes for major cryptocurrencies besides BTC as following: ETH marks $224.81 (-4.36%); XRP marks $0.2358 (-3.43%); BCH marks $308.68 (-6.63%); LTC marks $59.17 (-7.58%); EOS marks $3.49 (-5.12%); ETC marks $7.41 (-6.51%).

Top 3 Gainers and Losers in Cryptocurrencies

1. Top 3 gainers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: HT (+8.45%), LRC (+7.01%), and BRC (+4.05%);

2. Top 3 losers among Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap: TRUE (-10.45%), NEXO (-10.09%), and OMG (-9.81%).

Cap Flows of Coins/Exchanges

1. Top 3 capital inflows within the last 24 hours: LTC (+$60.37 mln), ETH (+$56.36 mln), and ETC (+$32.26 mln);

2. Top 3 capital outflows within the last 24 hours: BTC (-$675.06 mln), TUSD (-$39.31 mln), and BSV (-$36.35 mln);

3. Net inflows/outflows of exchanges: Binance (-$138.65 mln), Bitfinex (-$15.09 mln), and Coinbase Pro (-$2.6 mln).

HT +7.91%EOS -6%NEXO -9.95%


Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Says It Has Repaid Tether Another $100M Of Outstanding Loan

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex claimed Friday that it had paid back another $100 million to Tether after reportedly taking out $700 million from Tether's reserves last year.

The loan was meant to make up for Bitfinex's estimated $850 million financial loss after its payment processor, Crypto Capital, saw its funds seized by authorities, according to a previous announcement by the New York Attorney General's office.

The exchange previously said that it had repaid $100 million to Tether under the loan facility in July 2019. The second payment, as Bitfinex announced on Friday, was again wired in fiat to Tether's bank account.

"Interest on all amounts due under the facility agreement has been prepaid up to March 2020," the announcement said.


BTC Drops by 1.2% Within 5 Mins, Marking 8,517.83 USDT

CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC drops by 1.2% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 8,517.83 USDT on Binance.

For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.

BTC -4.08%


BTC Drops by 1.07% Within 5 Mins, Marking 8,523.5 USDT

CoinNess Market Index shows that BTC drops by 1.07% within 5 minutes. BTC currently marks 8,523.5 USDT on

For more alerts on real-time market changes, add your portfolio at "Watch List" to enable the Intelligent Market Monitor, seizing more investment opportunities.

BTC -3.87%


U.S. Treasury Yields Hit Record Lows

The yield on the U.S. 10-year treasury bonds continued to hit a record low of 1.15%. The yield on 30-year US Treasury bonds is now at 1.6619%.


Kaspersky Launches Blockchain-Powered Voting Platform

According to Cryptonews, Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has launched a prototype for its Polys voting machine, a device that it says will enable people to cast votes on an online blockchain-based voting platform.


HT quickly surged above $4.8

As of 16:06 UTC on Feb 29, HT has been increased by 9.38% to $4.87 on


CME Bitcoin future contract for February will be closed at 16:00 UTC on Feb 29.

1698 Bitcoin Transfers From Binance To OKEx

According to Whale Alert, as of 14:29 UTC on Feb 28, 1,698 Bitcoin, about $14.718 million have been transfers from the address starting from 1NYAd6 to OKEx. The transaction hash is d2be395de4909ab4e6abdc9c36bf916b0867dcb819195d327c9c53942cc646c7.

Third-Party Cryptos Could Launch on XRP Ledger, Says Ripple's David Schwartz

Ripple is developing a feature that could allow users to mint asset-backed tokens directly on top of XRP Ledger, the firm's tech chief has said.

In a company video released on Feb 27, CTO David Schwartz said Ripple is working on "exciting" new features to broaden the ledger's functionality and allow third-party users to introduce new cryptocurrencies into the XRP ecosystem.

1001 Bitcoin Transfers From Bitmex To OKEx

According to WhaleAlert, as of 14:02 UTC on Feb 28, 1,001 Bitcoin, about $8.636 million, have been transferred from Bitmex to OKEx. The transaction hash is 0aa895f8943196ef1fded5bdf9725943643229b91dbeaff9

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