1 Week Until Jamaica's first Crypto Tourist! & JAHM Proof of Stake is Here

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In exactly one week from now, @crypticat will be in Negril, Jamaica to spend some hard-earned JAHM. I had always planned to go to Jamaica, it's only a 4-hour flight, but I was brought there now because of ReggaeSteem. If ReggaeSteem was not a thing, I would not be going to Jamaica this year; Panama, Portugal, Peru, St. Lucia, Barbados, Vietnam, Morroco, etc. were all higher up on the list, that is until I discovered ReggaeSteem. It's country number 30 or close to it for me, so Stay tuned and follow the adventures of @donald.porter, @miyard, @reggaesteem and I, while the entire #reggaesteem tribe and all the lurkers are jealous.

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Enough of the Bragging, JPOS is Here!

Screenshot 2020-01-04 at 18.44.03.png

There you have it, as promised and on time, JAHM Proof of Stake is now live. If you Power Up stake or transfer JAHM to yourself you can now earn that Irie return without lifting a finger, posting, curating or doing much of anything. It's known in the fiat world as interest/inflation/free JAHM and is based on your % of staked JAHM versus the total JAHM staked.

What Are You Smoking Crypticat?

Just stake some JAHM then wait and see, as long as you stake some JAHM, you are bound to get some free POS JAHM sooner than later. It works like a lottery, every 3 hours or so a bunch of JAHM is airdropped to the community, it comes from thin air (the blockchain) and this will keep on happening until the total amount of JAHM printed is 100 million. The more JAHM you stake, the more likely you are to win the airdropped Proof of Stake JAHM.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.15.52.png

Here's the Math

As you may know, 18 JAHM is printed every 76 blocks a nod to the Jamaican area code 1(876). There are approximately 10, 512,000 blocks of Steem made every year, leap years and such change this, but every 3 seconds there is a block. 3 * 20 *60 *24 *365 = 10, 512, 000. 10512000/76 * 18 = 2, 489, 684 JAHM is printed per year.

Well Things Have Changed!

We could have taken the POS inflation from this number but after careful consideration and a late night of math, @donald.porter and I came up with a formula which makes sense. So POS JAHM is in addition to POB rewards (Proof of Brain/blockchain JAHM) Thank you @eonwarped, @aggroed and the people behind https://steem-engine.com/

How Much POS JAHM is There?

About 250000 will be printed per year until 100 million JAHM is reached. Since about 2.5 million JAHM is made per year through Proof of Brain, we decided POS to be around 10% of that. POS ~9.09% and POB ~-91%. After all, the posters, engagers and curators deserve about 90% of the rewards. We wanted to make an APR around 1.8%, although it's not possible to guarantee any APR since the amount of JAHM staked is variable, while the POS inflation remains constant. 1.8% was chosen again because of 18. Also, 1.8% is an okay amount of interest at many banks in The West.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 22.25.33.png

That's Not All

While some of you don't care about 1.8% returns, it's 1.8% more than you had before SO BACK OFF! Now here's the good part. 250,000 POS JAHM means...well if a block is every three seconds, to get 250,000 jahm per year we need...uh...1 jahm per every couple of minutes or so. HMMM....how do we get that?

3 seconds per block, 10,512,000 blocks per year, need 250,000 JAHM for POS...

250,000 / 10, 512, 000 ~= 0.02378


10/420 ~= 0.0238

YUP, that's right, POS = 10/420 Blocks!

420 = JAHM POS, welcome to JAMROCK!


Disclosure: This math is not precise, nor guaranteed, JAHM is not an investment, it is a reward token. If you invest in JAHM, you can lose all your money and wind up never going to Jamaica. Crypticat is not recommending that you invest in JAHM, this is not financial advice, this is ReggaeSteem.

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I'm definitely jelly, Jamaica's on my bucket list too. I might not want to come back if I go, though. xD

Like how your cat has "red eyes", get that kitty some Visine. xD

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Can't wait for kitty edibles to come out. Cats love getting high.

Have a great visit Crypticat!

1.8% is not only a sustainable percentage. It is a realistic percentage and I am impressed by the calculation.

In numerology, the characteristics of 1 that are most stressed include independence, self-sufficiency and self-determination. The number 8 is known as the number of balance and harmony (dont give a fuck about this but for those who do, here you go)

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LOL I do gives a fuck about this. HAHAHA

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18 is also age of consent in many societies

Much love and respect from the Weedcash family. Smoke on a Chalice for us!

That goes without saying, Jamaican MON'

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Reggaesteem is killing it. I have had 420 jahm staked, but not I will have to stake some more.

ReggaeSteem is smokin' it :D

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Good jhob stake jahm

I love what I see in the works with ReggaeSteem.io.
Big up yourselves!!
non-alcholic !BEER !giphy math !trdovoter

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At the most care was in the room when you guys came up with the math.
Keep it coming

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18:76 +(legit blockchain magic) / 1 epic team == 10:420 ...


4. 20.

JAHM Tokenomics 😎

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Ha now that's some epic math!
thanks for the update. I think you had one duo scratching their heads a bit
It makes perfect sense now.

Negril is waiting for you

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