Cosmic logbook entry 2: the alien origins of cryptocurrencies

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Everything written in this entry is exclusively based on intel I have received over years in a deeper dream state, and of course it is completely up to you what to make out of it. Whether you like to seriously ponder the concepts or prefer to put them in the futuristic sci-fi section, feel free to do as you wish.

Cryptocurrency origins:

Owing to the fact that the term "cryptocurrency" itself incorporates "crypto" this might sound obvious, but for most the mere idea likely appears nonetheless far-fetched: the conception of cryptocurrencies into our world roots in a strong reality blend with planet Crypton's consciousness blueprint.

Crypton is a hypertechnology planet with an expertise in harnessing crystal energy. Its surface appears in a teel green color due to high-tension atmospheric electro fog covering the entire planet. Furthermore, Crypton is known for its towering skyscrapers and cryptocurrency system.


As Earth, and with it the human collective's mindset and self-expression, is becoming drastically technologised at high-speed, a heavy energetic connectivity to an otherwordly data stream source can be derived easily.

Truth is, there is no stand-alone default reality state to begin with. All is interconnected, which implies that depending on a planetary collective's choice of consciousness expression an energetic intel gateway to vibrationally akin reality models will open. Irrespective of time and space, across the entire Universe.

Consequently, we draw in information blueprints from other realities, henceforth gradually integrate them into our own current reality model. Something we then consider state-of-the-art in our reality is an already long-established, integral part of another reality model. For us that specific blueprint might be just the perfect solution for our world as we are experiencing it at that time. And this is exactly the case with cryptocurrencies; originating from Crypton, brought to Earth.

Terms inclusive of the word "crypto", like "cryptocurrency" or "cryptonite", are subconsciously chosen to refer to ideas or items of Cryptonian origin. But that's just how we on Earth verbally relate to the planet. The actual name might be completely different.

Dream encounter:

A female Soul mate of mine whom I met for the first time during a dream on a spaceship in late 2016 and have been occasionally meeting ever since, revealed herself as a Cryptonian native, and it was her who hinted me to cryptocurrencies by telling me that "there is a new currency system that will soon become established on Earth, a system that will eventually grant me freedom and independence." At that time I had no clue what she had been alluding to, until a few months later paradoxical circumstances had me wind up on Steemit with the essential aha-moment that she was referring to cryptocurrencies and, for me, specifically Steem. Ever since I didn't doubt once.

Ever wondered what many spiritual people are unknowingly talking about when they speak of "sophisticated technologies being withheld from humanity?" My answer: cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

That's it for the second logbook entry. As usual, feel free to leave some thoughts if you like, I always enjoy reading and replying to your valuable comments.

Much Love and Light,


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I remember once while meditating I entered a state of virtual awareness and realized cryptocurrencies were actually an intelligence that went beyond earthly understanding. What you wrote, I think it might be very real.

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Thanks for sharing.

I think that even without deeper insights, just by consciously taking in the energy that comes across from certain token designs like Eos, Ethereum, Stellar, Tron or Steem, including universe imagery often used in the background, there is quite some feeling of freedom and otherworldly cyber intelligence coming to the fore. So I definitely second your insight. ;)