My Goals For April: $1300 in Crypto Writing Income

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I’ve seen a lot of people making “Goals” posts now that another month rolled in – and they didn’t make these posts during April Fools because of obvious reasons.

Well, I figured making a goals post like many is a great way to motivate myself to go the extra mile and really get my hands dirty now that Crypto is very bullish again.

To my luck, I was one of the only ones that didn’t power down their STEEM stake during the great Steem at 11 cents crash, so I still retained my position in both Steem and Hive, being a dolphin and enjoying the hard work I’ve put in the past.

As I told @taskmaster4450 during the last bull run a few years ago and when we were both making ourselves known to the blockchain, I felt that I was late to the party back then, and I didn’t invest since the market was at its ATH.

He told me I wasn’t late, and deep down I also felt that hence why I never powered down or sold.

Now I am a dolphin without ever having invested a dime, and I’m earning a lot thanks to my decision to keep myself invested even though I stopped posting.

As far as my other platforms are concerned, I’ve been very active in Read.Cash and making progress there as I am now one of the top tippers and constantly have posts on the Trending in 24 hours section.

Finally, I’ve been into Publish0x as it’s a great way to earn ETH tokens – and I’m also getting active on STEEM, HIVE, and LEO.

So, with all of this said and done, Crypto gave me a lot for my work – sadly, I quit posting around the time LEO was getting its feet up.

I wasn’t posting because I needed to post to mainstream media sites instead to get the money required for my wedding and a health concern I never told anybody about until I handled it.

Now that crypto is bullish again, I can pursue my passion which is to drop mainstream media for a bit and get to Crypto posting – which is way more fun and rewarding in crypto bull runs.

So, without further ado, what are my goals in this upcoming month of April?


Read.Cash Goals: Making $300 by the End of the Month + Sponsors

I’ve been on Read.Cash for a week and made $63, the platform is solid, although it reminds me a bit of Steem when everyone would post anything – it is starting out as it is a fresh platform, so I excuse it.

My goal is to make $300 in Bitcoin Cash using it, and I also wanted to get my sponsors' list full if that was possible, while also getting higher-paying sponsors.

I truly believe this is a realistic goal as I made so much in the past week.

On the follower count, I would like to hit the 250 subscribers mark, and I intend to do that by publishing once per day, making my article count read 30 by the end of the month.

So far I’ve not missed a day, so my discipline and work ethics seem to be with me.


LeoFinance Goals: Gaining Stake and $300 in LEO

LeoFinance is a platform that I think has huge potential, and though when I was becoming dormant last time the platform was just starting out, I notice a lot of evolution happened.

It’s like getting a time machine and seeing the “before and after” comparisons… the platform grew and developed nicely.

I have big expectations for it.

I published an article there yesterday that @onealfa.leo curated with an upvote of 60 something LEO (roughly $71) so I was off to a great start, even though I don’t expect to get the same luck over and over again.

I aim to get $400 in LEO by the end of April, and for that, I also hope to write once per month.

Interacting with the community will be key in achieving that… and I have a lot to study to really grasp how this new community is developing.

Here, I once again call on the man who sponsored me in Steem once @taskmaster4450 – anything that is vital for me to know? For instance, I see you’re involved in all sorts of stuff now, including Bro?

Lol. Plus, I see that Steem is all in Korean now apparently and that there are no bots in Hive (a great change IMHO).

Man, a lot has changed, but I’m happy to still have a dolphin-sized stake in it because this is going to go far.

Again, my stake in LEO is around 0 for obvious reasons – I intend to change that.


Steem Goals: Earning $300 in STEEM

Well, STEEM is a bit strange as I come back to it because it seems that the community I knew there disappeared.

Everywhere I look there are hyper-inflated posts, probably by bots of some kind, and the community seems to be Korean in the majority.

I am also going to go back at it though.

My STEEM Goal is to reach $300 in STEEM, and while I will work actively in the other platforms, here I will probably just put my stake to work together with some posts every now and then – I tried to do a couple of comment runs by they don’t work as they used to.

All in all, I don’t know what’s profitable here anymore, so I have a big delegation made to @tipu and I’m letting them curate with it as they probably know better and have a system in place to get a good rate of APR.


Hive Goals: Earning $300 in Hive + Research

As far as HIVE is concerned, it changed a lot as it definitely still has a very active community but I don’t see the guys who were there back in the days.

I searched around for them and saw most of them have no stake anymore, even the dolphins, orcas, and one of the whales or two.

Things changed.

The absence of bots is a pleasant surprise, but I wager the crushing majority of my thousands of followers are now inactive and have left, so I’ll probably have to work my way up yet again.

So, let’s start short with a goal of $200 in HIVE this month – certainly, my delegation to @tipu will also help me in reaching that number, but I plan to write nearly every day over here as well.

I wanted to help the network more by curating myself and whatnot, but I still need to do proper research on what’s going on first


Publish0x: Earn at Least $100, Mainly iFARM to get Yields:

So, my goal with Publish0x is a modest $100 Goal (at least $25 in iFARM).

iFARM is a token from the Harvest project, which is a project that optimizes yield farming and automates it as well.

It’s great for people who want to invest in getting passive income through the power of compounding, interests, and farming DeFi and tokens.

I also plan to write a post per day here as I love the way the platform works and it gets you all sorts of ETH tokens, some of which you never even heard of.

I made some cents back in the days when I first joined and one of those tokens appreciated to the point that I had $25 in my wallet from those initial 0.13 or so.

It was a pleasant surprise.

So, these are my goals for this month of April. Hopefully, I’m going to accomplish them and have an even more ambitious goal next month when my crypto portfolio is even stronger due to the power of compounding.



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