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RE: This was all created within the last 20 years

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I hope the next 20 years brings a way for people to figure out how to use some of those things to their advantage but go back to a more natural and peaceful way of life, honestly.

All of the convenience those things bring are also making everyone depressed and feeling like nothing is ever good or exciting enough.

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Is that a fact or are we just more aware and better at detecting the depression?

I don’t remember where I read it, but it was something about how we’re able to get little dopamine hits constantly these days to the extent that we need them all the time. Without them, we get agitated and feel unhappy. Like anything, it’s probably not true about everyone and varies to certain degrees, but it makes sense. When you have access to most albums ever made on your phone, getting a new album isn’t exciting anymore. When you don’t have to try to catch things live on TV or even wait to see next episodes, that makes TV less exciting too and easier to binge on, which is arguably a very unhealthy behavior. Kids are opting to play video games instead of outside with their friends, and now they’re becoming increasingly overweight and are suffering from diseases that usually only affected adults before. It makes sense to me. Having immediate access to everything just makes everything feel a little less special.

Good aspects are families being able to stay in touch, emergencies being reported right away, access to all sorts of knowledge. It’s not all bad by any means. Just needs a better balance, I think.

Good points, and you are probably right.