Have You Ever Wanted to Run a Witness?

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It's never been simpler to be a Witness.

Have you ever thought about running a witness for a graphene blockchain? Whaleshares currently has spots available for those looking to give it a try! Whaleshares has been running for 2+ years now, and has a solid 20-30 witnesses who have been here from the start, unfortunately the rest of the spots keep being filled by those less dedicated, and swapped out over time. I thought I would make this crosspost and see if I can find anyone interested in trying it out, or maybe even witnessing on more than one chain.


What are the requirements?

  • 4GB Ram
  • 10GB HDD
  • Commitment

Whaleshares witnesses are incredibly simple to set up, the guide is very easy to follow, so much so that even non technical users have managed to set one up on their own, however having some Linux knowledge is a plus. These Witnesses can be run on a 2GB server, however 4GB of ram is recommended for future growth. I've just started resyncing mine which you can see below.



Commitment is one of the most important things when it comes to witnessing. Sure, it's great if you're a top-notch programmer, and revolutionise the chain in some ways, but some of the best witnesses I know are simply friendly users, who make sure to meet and greet each new user they meet, are constantly interacting with users, providing assistance when needed, etc. Just generally being a good person.

Furthermore, time is important. As time goes on, people will grow more confident in your name, and be more willing to cast their votes for your witness. Not everyone likes to edit their witness votes, and some will often have a waiting period when it comes to candidates. Worry not, press on, do what it is you do, and you are sure to impress the public.


I hope I have at least sparked an interest in some of you, and would be happy to help anyone who is interested in trying the process. Thanks for your time, and have a good one.



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