Crisper Babies!

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No we are not tossing babies into frying pans.
That idea played out some time ago.

From the story:

CRISPR babies scientist He Jiankui should not be villainized — or headed to prison


When I saw the news that He Jiankui and colleagues had been sentenced to three years in prison for the first human embryo gene editing and implantation experiments, all I could think was, “How will we look back at what they had done in 100 years?”

When the scientist described his research and revealed the births of gene edited twin girls at the International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong in late November 2018, I stayed up into the early hours of the morning in Oakland, Calif., watching it.
Afterward, I couldn’t sleep for a few days and couldn’t stop thinking about his achievement.

This was the first time a viable human embryo was edited and allowed to live past 14 days, much less the first time such an embryo was implanted and the baby brought to term.

When you are ready to begin your trip down dna lane, you can get your supplies from the original.

I, personally, am conflicted about letting this technology out into the wild.

But, then I remember that the Gates Foundation holds the patent on a corona virus, ran a simulation that killed millions, and comes from a long line of eugenicists.
This leads me to believe that they are the very last people that should have exclusive access to this technology.

If folks outside that sphere of influence don't know how to counter whatever comes out of the labs of those that will kill us to stay in control of us, then we are in a creek, without a paddle.

Do you really want that neighbor brat concocting dna soup in his momma's garage?
Then why would you condone the Gate's doing it in their's?

It's not like the genie will get back in the bottle, better we have folks ready to go in the event of another escape from the biolabs of the world.


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As you pointed out, the genie IS about of the bottle... and an almost infinite capacity to "explore possibilities" seems to be part of human nature. At one time, the intent behind the efforts of an evil empire like Monsanto was to end world hunger which is (to my way of thinking) a noble enough goal... but then the intent gets misappropriated.

So that leaves us trying to....? What? Control the fruits of our natural curiosity? Somehow teach a better value set? Making the notion of controlling the world socially and tangibly unattractive?

Don't really have any answers, just more fuel for the fires of discussion....

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Nice meme

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Use it!

As you said very well: the genie is out of th bottle. The more educated and prepared we are, the better we can deal with all of the mind blowing technology (both good and bad) of the future.

We have to get the marching morons to stop looking to authority to solve their problems.
Without authority most problems go away, imo.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

We don't have the authority to get anyone to do anything but ourselves. Leave them to their fruits, and let's grow our own. We don't need them like overlords do, and we need to free ourselves from overlords, rather than babysitting willing serfs.

We can serve as examples of the new way?

Some folks will always need babysitting, atp.
They are not capable of escaping their firmly held beliefs.

The fact of life is that needs are not automatically met. Folks capable of meeting their needs will, and when they fail to provide for those as cannot, as is simply unavoidable due to changing conditions from time to time, folks that cannot will not.

2020 has apparently begun revealing such circumstances, and while compassion and care is necessary to society, failing to first secure our ability to provide our own needs will prevent us from ever being able to also assist those that need it. Triage is a fact of life.

Folks that can benefit from successful examples will, and that's good. Folks that cannot must not compromise the survival of humanity.

Nice click bait title.. I read it looking for recipes 🤣🤪

Lol, i thought it would catch a few views.

Already armed and in uniform... besides the 3 year sentence (which should have been 300) I understand from what little I've read that the experiment didn't go that well either.

You are scaring me, Rich.
It is wrong to send men with guns to force our idea of right and wrong onto others.
Not that i would object were you to smash his lab.

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

A case could be made that this fella forced the planet into pandora's box, but prison isn't the answer, imo.
Just keeping our nose in his doings should be enough.
He will eventually give up when his lab keeps burning and his neighbors wear bare spots in his lawn with their protests.
Mob justice may not be the prettiest method, but it beats mobbed up just us, all day long.
Unless you are hitlary or nancy pelosi, then it is par for the course.

When do we storm their castles?

I'm waiting for the go-ahead (but I'm coming strapped)

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