Pollution and its solution

Pollution and its solution 💫
World is beautiful 💕 Earth has been gifted with the most beautiful natural places💕 Nature is a gift from God. But human's are destroying this beautiful gift because of their carelessness.

Pollution is the main cause of earth destruction.


Pollution is any unwanted change is our environment. It is the addition of poisonous substances to our earth and atmosphere .

Types of Pollution :

Pollution has many types but the three main types are...

Water Pollution

Air Pollution

Land pollution
Water pollution is caused by throwing rubbish in to the water, Waste materials from the factories and houses also pollute the water.

Polluted water is very dangerous for Marine Life.

Many fishes and other water bodies dies because of poisonous water or plastics inside the water.

Land pollution is caused by throwing rubbish on ground, burning fuels and plastics. Its making the land dirty and that leads to many diseases.

Air pollution is Caused by the smoke coming out from factories and vehicles. It make the air polluted that is not good for human as well as for animals, it has really bad effects on lungs. Air pollution is also causing the depiction of Ozone layer which is protecting the earth from harmful Uv rays.

In short pollution is dangerous and unhealthy for earth and we must take all the precautionary measures to protect our Earth.

Solutions for Pollution :

The only way to reduce pollution is to replace fuel with other energy sources like solar to avoid the Cause of air pollution. We must use degradable bags instead of plastic bags to avoid land pollution. Use of vehicles must be avoided or can be used only in need to avoid more smoke in the air. We should avoid putting our garbage on ground or in to the water. There must be a proper system to eradicate the waste material.

this way we can atleast reduce the pollution.

Reduce in pollution means Green, Healthy and Safe Earth 💕💫
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