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RE: Fauci Funded Development of COVID19 in Wuhan - Evidence Presented on Mainstream Media News (Finally)

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Every military- or biotech- or pharma-corporation in the so called West has a lab in Wuhan -- rented for a lot of money to do all the research their own governments prohibited for all others in our own lands .. one does not need to try to understand this logic .. its THEIR logic -- and we, all of us, let it happen ... because we hardly understand -- and they KNOW it !


I agree in some senses, however, we generally don't all know everything that goes on in secret. How to stop it is far from obvious too. Let's do what we can to motivate others to take whatever action they can to prevent this from happening again.

well - we know that voting cannot change anything .. even if we would be able to get 2/3 majoritis in many nations .. the real masters of our nations are the masters of the money -- they control the economy and the media .. so if we want to make changes we must attack the heart of the evil .. the money-system .. and yes, we can ! There is no need to replace the full system ad once .. if we only take out 5-8 % of the necessary growth rate by installing closed trade-circles on the net and in real life (members only) with cryptocurrencies NOT depending on fiat-money and sharing the own currency for goods, private trades, personal services from cutting hair to painting the kitchen .. if we can take out a few percent the forced-growth-system will start stumbling ! Read the "money-experiment Wörgl 1932" in Austria -- they nearly made it until the centralbank stopped them ..they cannot stop us on the blockchain .. its a short article but can be a great eyeopener for what is possible - and necessary !