The Effect of Free Will & Emotional Expression On Immune Health + Implications For COVID19 Policy

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My regular readers will know that I have focused on emotional healing, balancing and evolving for nearly two decades and in that time I have learned first hand (along with hundreds of others) that emotional self acceptance is key to health on all levels. The anatomical understanding is present in mainstream science to connect psychology and emotions to stress response and immune response, yet here we are facing COVID19 control policies based only on no more than half the facts. Let's imagine what an alternative reality would look and feel like which respects free will and optimises human health!

As someone who has long understood that most of us are operating from unconscious imprints and programs which direct our thoughts and feelings without us being aware, I am acutely conscious of how these have been playing out throughout human history. In many cases these unconscious systems are behind wars, abuses and all kinds of political ideologies. This is a truly perilous situation since it means that not only are the true causes of our major problems failing to be understood, but that they are deliberately being denied and false causes are being blamed instead.

Here I want to help to expose one of the core issues that ties all of this together. FREE WILL.

Basics of Free Will

We each have our own will, we are able to act and choose how we act. We feel a certain way about people, things and ideas and these feelings are the internal expression of our own will, needs and desires. Many people have become so disconnected from their real feelings that they even deny that will exists or worse still they ridicule those who express from their wills.

This extreme polarisation away from will and towards psychopathy has even become somewhat normalised in many cultures - propagated by all manner of alleged experts in psychology, philosophy, marketing, science and so on. Unfortunately, the disconnection from emotion is causing many to be deceived by the support these voices receive from within the systems that promote them, since, for one - any dissenting voices are often stifled in the media and online by the corporations involved.

When we act on our own will's real desires, we tend to feel free and 'good' - e.g. we feel a resonance of our true self being recognised, understood, respected and valued. We are moving towards our own best destiny when we act on our own will rather than following the impulses from other people's ideas or society's programming.

Conversely, when we deny our own will and follow the ideas of others, we are missing out on opportunity to try things our own way and to learn from the experience. In this way we limit the expansion of human potential and experience - doors close when we deny free will. This tends to feel 'bad' to us and in general we will only do this when we are frightened, blamed (guilty) or otherwise feeling intimidated (made to be timid) or shut down.

Self Denial Causes Stress

Obviously, if we are missing out on what we need in life, we will tend to experience discord and stress internally. Stress can be physical, emotional or psychological and when we lose track of our own best destiny then we tend to experience all three.

You can try a simple experiment if you want: just stay inside your home for a week and don't go anywhere at all, not even outside for fresh air. This will probably go against your own desires and will - you will not feel good and will experience stress.

I am old enough to remember the days when this kind of experimental experience might be new to some people - but that was before COVID19 lockdowns that have led to many people feeling intimidated into forcing themselves to deny their true feelings.

Long Term Stress Compounds Into Disease

Numerous studies and countless amounts of individual personal experiences show us that chronic stress leads to disease states in the cells of the body. Without going into the fine details, the biomechanical systems of the body need to have stress ended as quickly as possible or they are unable to cope with the effects and problems start to build up. Eventually, long term - unresolved - stress can lead to serious illness and death.

Additionally, the body being out of balance for long periods tends to lessen it's ability to mount a fully empowered immune response - which leaves us open to infection. I saw this first hand when my Father nearly died from Meningitis my Mother's struggle with cancer. The stress of the experience left him 'run down' and the bacterial balance in his body entered a diseased and dysfunctional state.

Lockdowns Cause Stress & Increase The Risk from COVID19!

Since very early on in the COVID19 experience it has been stated by numerous professors, doctors, therapists and other experts in mental/physical health, that lockdowns may do more harm than good. While the media likes to harp on about the alleged risk reduction of keeping everyone apart physically - they rarely highlight the real downsides.

It is clear from government statistics in many countries that cases of suicide, spousal abuse, child abuse, addiction and drug overdoses have skyrocketed during lockdowns. This means that many, many people have died (of all aged) who would not have died without the lockdowns. A great deal of psychological and emotional trauma will remain for many years to come - once this all comes to and end.

The argument to avoid this inconvenient truth is often based not on real data but on assumptions and fear. If enough people shout loudly enough about lockdowns and control being a solution, then those in fear will go along with it in many cases. Fear can be sparked through mass media quite simply with enough repetition and an absence of a counter narrative from 'experts'. The reality is that many people simply do zero research or thinking for themselves - yet think they do when they watch TV broadcasts or read news online or in newspapers. There is too much groupthink for truth to be reached by many.

The stress from all of this will lower immune effectiveness in people and on top of that, since the immune system thrives on challenge - isolation from each other results in a LOWERING of immune capacity. This means that some people will get sick from COVID19 who wouldn't have done so without lockdowns and MANY will get sick from all kinds of infections once lockdowns end and we start circulating again.

The insane narrative that we can somehow just live completely separate forever, rather than returning to a naturally empowered state is literally suicidal and mindblowingly evil. Ignorance will kill many people if they do not think carefully on this.

Free Your Will To Be Strong

Aside from ensuring we receive the correct nutrition to maintain cellular health (another topic that the mainstream almost never mentions, yet which is totally obvious to anyone who knows anything about human health), we must free our own will in order to be healthy.

Freeing our own will is both a simple and complicated challenge. It is simple in that we simply need to express what we feel and act on it, within integrity and balanced by our own heart/mind. The challenges come in that we are surrounded by people who are programmed to turn away from free will and we ourselves hold many beliefs that tell us that free will is dangerous or wrong.

Despite the challenges, there is no possible way to regain full health while stuck with a compressed and heavily denied will and emotional system. We literally retard our own development and ability to process reality/information on all levels when we prevent our emotions from being free, heard, felt and understood.

The freedom rallies we see around the world in protest at controls are often narrated as being 'dangerous' or 'ignorant' by those who are stuck in fear and who would have us all deny our free will in favour of their limited thinking and biased narration of half truth. While it may be true that many of those in the rallies lack conscious awareness of the full picture and the full information required to resolve our problems globally - they are at least aware of the power of their will.

Free Will leads to experience, which leads to opportunity for increases in consciousness. In order for this to work, we MUST accept ourselves 100% and in this way we prevent guilt from forming within us and also allow old guilt to be moved out.

Consider children who express freely and easily, they tend to be full of energy and look alive. As they age and become more controlled, their light is lost and they move less - eventually succumbing to the results of a lifetime of self denial and we call this 'natural ageing'. You only need to explore the alternative, which is love and self acceptance to find out if what I am saying is right here.

The bottom line is that we are going to need to allow our survival drive to save us now and that means allowing free movement and free expression to jump start our own internal systems, health and immune response. There is a reason why COVID19 really only seriously harms the obese, elderly and compromised - it is because they are not at full health. They are not at full health, in part, because their will is held back, denied and they are under internal control and guilt.

Try an experiment if you like: Next time you feel depressed or numb - go into a private room and maybe find a pillow to scream into. Feel deeply into yourself and keep breathing into the feelings until you feel a need to make sounds or move your body. Do nothing to prevent the sounds from being made or from your body moving (except to prevent injury or harm). Once you are free enough to scream, shake, weep and make the sounds of your long lost terror and rage, you will maybe do so for quite some time. At the end you will feel light, happy, relaxed and much clearer than perhaps ever before. This is just one example of how free will and expression through self acceptance improves wellbeing.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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It was a good read. As a psychology graduate, I would agree that self denial and stress have a great impact to our health. Most of us never paid attention to it, we constantly overlook the small thing, we never consider that those things are so important in our existence.

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They created the vaccine.
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That's the plan. Create demand.

Stay safe.

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