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RE: Fauci Funded Development of COVID19 in Wuhan - Evidence Presented on Mainstream Media News (Finally)

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Rand Paul has today grilled Fauci over this exact topic. Fauci simply denied everything, even when faced with evidence contradicting him:


Ya, ya, I got that. "You didn't fund gain of function research".... directly.

Mr. Fauci, did you fund the Wuhan Lab, in any way. i.e. send money, support or other?


Helloooooo? Tap tap tap.

Is this thing on?


Mr. Fauci, you there?

"you are entirely incorrect, that the nih has not ever and does not now"..
so he actually stated that they DO fund the research..
i presume he didn't mean to phrase his words that way, but hey - what's the value of accuracy among friends...? i mean, it's not like we're talking about scientific work where one slight misunderstanding can kill millions is it?
oh.. right, we are.

I've been thinking for a long time that this was not entirely accidental. As long as this sick (no pun intended) farce has drug out and as draconian as the response to it has been, I can't ignore the intuition that someone is benefitting from it immensely, and I'm not just talking about the obvious suspects, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, et. al.

You will find that the very first comment I made on hive about Covid back in late 2019 was calling it a blatant power grab.
here's a video from 2010 where a freemasonic whistleblower was quoted as saying that they were planning to target china with an engineered coronavirus and have it spread around the world:

But to what purpose? Who are these people and what's the end game?

There is a good documentary called end game that's probably over 10 years old by now. My understanding is that we need to understand the unconscious programming that is within certain people (and ourselves) in order to explain a great deal of human behaviour. In the case of these psychopaths, they seem to be mostly motivated by intention to prevent and stop free will expression and thus, in that process, they kill remorselessly. To understand why they do this, is to understand the root cause of psychopathy, which is itself rooted in denial of real emotions and truth.

In addition, there are many others who jump on the bandwagon, seeking 'fame and fortune' from either artificially becoming a 'hero' or from power games and political manipulation. The thread that ties it all together is heartlessness.

Heartlessness and denial are the real epidemic and always have been.