Fauci Funded Development of COVID19 in Wuhan - Evidence Presented on Mainstream Media News (Finally)

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So the Covid19 'experience' is 18 months in and the mainstream media is only now starting to repeat in full what reearchers such as myself were saying over a year ago - namely, that the evidence shows COVID19 was developed in and leaked from labs in Wuhan China - being originally signed off on by no other than the US's 'genius' of virology, Anthony Fauci!

This video from news anchor Tucker Carlson actually does a decent job of exposing Fauci's involvement in the development of what likely became COVID19. Although the real details are ommitted, Dr. Francis Boyle, author of the world's legislation on bioweapons exposed this very same subject in further detail only weeks after the world started speaking about COVID19. Dr. Boyle stated that the virus began in Ft. Detrick, Maryland, US and was likely shipped to China to avoid rules in the US which prohibit engineering of viruses to make them more dangerous.

Despite Carlson ommitting the full details and a lot of the evidence, to his credit he does expose some things that were not previously well known here. One such data point is that Peter Daszak, head of Ecohealth alliance, was funded by the US gov and Fauci to do dangerous 'gain of function' research into coronaviruses in Wuhan. Just days before COVID19 was publicly known about, Daszak recorded an interview in which he spoke about how easy it is to manipulate coronaviruses in just the kind of way that COVID19 appears to have been manipulated.

The real kicker is that the WHO's 'investigation' into the origins of COVID19 was actually orchestrated by Daszak, who clearly had a vested interest in biasing it's conclusions.

Please watch this with an open mind and do your OWN RESEARCH into this. Our lives depend on our own awareness and understanding.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Rand Paul has today grilled Fauci over this exact topic. Fauci simply denied everything, even when faced with evidence contradicting him:

Ya, ya, I got that. "You didn't fund gain of function research".... directly.

Mr. Fauci, did you fund the Wuhan Lab, in any way. i.e. send money, support or other?


Helloooooo? Tap tap tap.

Is this thing on?


Mr. Fauci, you there?

"you are entirely incorrect, that the nih has not ever and does not now"..
so he actually stated that they DO fund the research..
i presume he didn't mean to phrase his words that way, but hey - what's the value of accuracy among friends...? i mean, it's not like we're talking about scientific work where one slight misunderstanding can kill millions is it?
oh.. right, we are.

I've been thinking for a long time that this was not entirely accidental. As long as this sick (no pun intended) farce has drug out and as draconian as the response to it has been, I can't ignore the intuition that someone is benefitting from it immensely, and I'm not just talking about the obvious suspects, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, et. al.

You will find that the very first comment I made on hive about Covid back in late 2019 was calling it a blatant power grab.
here's a video from 2010 where a freemasonic whistleblower was quoted as saying that they were planning to target china with an engineered coronavirus and have it spread around the world:

But to what purpose? Who are these people and what's the end game?

There is a good documentary called end game that's probably over 10 years old by now. My understanding is that we need to understand the unconscious programming that is within certain people (and ourselves) in order to explain a great deal of human behaviour. In the case of these psychopaths, they seem to be mostly motivated by intention to prevent and stop free will expression and thus, in that process, they kill remorselessly. To understand why they do this, is to understand the root cause of psychopathy, which is itself rooted in denial of real emotions and truth.

In addition, there are many others who jump on the bandwagon, seeking 'fame and fortune' from either artificially becoming a 'hero' or from power games and political manipulation. The thread that ties it all together is heartlessness.

Heartlessness and denial are the real epidemic and always have been.

There are a few different theories which explains the origin behind this virous.
One thig is certain that this is a man made virus, natural mutations are not this severe and fast, it take years for something like this t happen only man can accelerate this.
All very bad has been happening all around the world.

Every military- or biotech- or pharma-corporation in the so called West has a lab in Wuhan -- rented for a lot of money to do all the research their own governments prohibited for all others in our own lands .. one does not need to try to understand this logic .. its THEIR logic -- and we, all of us, let it happen ... because we hardly understand -- and they KNOW it !

I agree in some senses, however, we generally don't all know everything that goes on in secret. How to stop it is far from obvious too. Let's do what we can to motivate others to take whatever action they can to prevent this from happening again.

well - we know that voting cannot change anything .. even if we would be able to get 2/3 majoritis in many nations .. the real masters of our nations are the masters of the money -- they control the economy and the media .. so if we want to make changes we must attack the heart of the evil .. the money-system .. and yes, we can ! There is no need to replace the full system ad once .. if we only take out 5-8 % of the necessary growth rate by installing closed trade-circles on the net and in real life (members only) with cryptocurrencies NOT depending on fiat-money and sharing the own currency for goods, private trades, personal services from cutting hair to painting the kitchen .. if we can take out a few percent the forced-growth-system will start stumbling ! Read the "money-experiment Wörgl 1932" in Austria -- they nearly made it until the centralbank stopped them ..they cannot stop us on the blockchain .. its a short article but can be a great eyeopener for what is possible - and necessary ! https://showmethemoneytbone.blogspot.com/2013/05/the-worgl-experiment-austria-1932-1933.html

The 'plandemic' is real and governments across the globe are complicit in this farce. All governments should lift restrictions immediately before the public finds out the truth.

whoever came up with that picture deserves a raise xD

I can't take credit for the hitler moustache maskini.. but i'll speak to the bosses to make sure the meme maker is given a pat on the head. 😂

I agree. That's a riot! 🤣

It's amazing, isn't it? If you followed independent media, you came across this info a year ago. No wonder so many of us have left the mainstream media.

Sometimes those in the MSM believe their lazy thinking and sometimes they deliberately lie. I agree, it's typically possible to know the truth of reality years ahead of 'the mainstream' just by doing a bit of basic digging.