Death Rate in Sweden is no Higher than in Several other Recent Years. Political/Media COVID Hype is NOT Backed up By the Data.

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If you needed any evidence that public perception of COVID19 is hugely distorted away from reality to the point of being psychotic - consider this graph of 'all cause mortality' from Sweden going back to 1851. Bare in mind that this is a country that the mainstream media declared did 'terribly' due to their adherence to longstanding scientific wisdom that says that lockdowns don't help in such viral outbreaks.

As we can see, the rate of death has significantly decreased over the 170ish year period as knowledge has increased about health, sanitation, nutrition and other key factors involved with mortality rates. COVID19 registers as a spike that is barely noticeable among the regular spikes and variation in the overall (recorded) rate of death in Sweden among humans.

sweden spikes.jpg

In fact, several flu events in the last 30-40 years seem to have had a similar or greater effect than COVID19, yet there was no mass panic, no lockdowns, no attempts to remove human RIGHTS (rights CANNOT be GIVEN or TAKEN AWAY!). There was also no mass poverty, no mass channelling of wealth towards billionaires and friends of politicians and no shaming of others for not conforming to highly dubious scientific edicts as if God had made the decrees directly!

While it is true that COVID19 may not have totally normalised yet, the reality is that even if we set aside that PCR testing is highly contested as an accurate method of detecting the presence of active COVID19 in someone and also set aside that during the 'worst' of the COVID episode deaths were being officially recorded as 'COVID DEATHS' even when no test was performed and the person had died of a heart attack.. COVID19 mortality is declining in a totally predictable pattern regardless of whether or not lockdowns were inserted or other human interventions were used. This is made amply clear in a recent video by Ivor Cummins, from which the above image was taken. I highly recommend subscribing to Ivor for regular sane updates on COVID data that contradicts the brainless conformity that most people seem to be sucked into as they blindly believe what they are told on TV.

All comments are welcome - please share with your friends, particularly those who are most convinced that governmental control of free humans is both beneficial and justified here.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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we hope for better.

In many places lockdowns have caused more death due to poverty, suicide and mental health issues than COVID has done. It's good to aim for improvements, but we can't get there through blind control of free will.

Its mass global psychosis - hysteria over a disease that is not dangerous to 99% of people and is mainly just a symptom of vitamin D deficiency.

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