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RE: Checking Gov COVID Logic/Maths - How Many Years Will it Take Before COVID19 is Over In Britain?

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It's called a worst case scenario. Not a definite claim -

3,105 new cases on 15 September. If cases were to rise exponentially – leading to four “doublings” between now and mid-October – there would be 49,680 new cases on 13 October.

And your fact number 2, the fact is exactly the opposite. No one knows if there is a lasting immunity and the fear is that it doesn't last that long at all.


If there's no lasting immunity, nobody need worry about being pressured into taking an untested "Warp Speed" vaccine.
Strangely though, Canada has already preordered 3 doses of vaccines for every citizen.

I agree. I do not like the idea of trying out something that has been rushed

At any point in time, any data can be extrapolated out at exponential growth and then fed into the media to alarm people who don't question things enough. That is what is happening here.

Having studied the issue of lasting immunity to COVID19 for the last few weeks, it is clear that the consensus among specialists is that there is no reason at all to think that there will not be lasting immunity and many people have been tested to show that they do indeed have it as far can be told in the time available. The idea that there won't be lasting immunity, just like the idea that 'lockdowns are normal' is completely baseless.

Yes and when we extrapolate data we often give a best and/or a worst case scenario.

Often this is prefaced with the words in a worst case scenario...

This helps the reader see that it is not a proven fact but an extrapolation of the data in the worst case.

I didn't say anything about lockdowns being normal?

I am glad that your studies however have shown to you at least that there is consensus among specialists.

I am referring to the actions of the UK government specifically here, who are gradually dripping in more and more controls being justified by false claims and basically lies. I wasn't referring to you specifically when I mentioned lockdowns being 'normal', I brought it up as an example of the kind of twisting of reality that is going on in the mainstream to try to get unthinking people to give away their liberty and rights 'for their own good'.