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RE: Response to -"If People Get Jabbed After Watching This They Are Beyond Saving..."

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It's professionally produced and quite slick

I've already commented on something similar some time ago. This is typical: very nicely produced videos, or greatly written articles (from a literature standpoint), and usually quite long because the attention span of the targeted audience is not very long. But almost every time you go past the aesthetics, you realize the actual content is quite poor and easily debunked. Unfortunately, way too many people don't and instead spread the misinformation even further.


Yup, wish I had the funds to produce one just as nice with correct and supportable factual information. We all have to remember the science is changing. Never before have we been in this situation as a species, add the Internet and it's a double whammy. Thanks for the comment. Good to know there are others wading through the swamp.