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RE: EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR COVID19? - Ivermectin - MANY Studies/Doctors Agree 90%+ Success Rate

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Hi, my experience, I had Covid 19 in September last year, I took Ivermectin and the symptoms subsided.

In my house my husband, my son, a niece, my brother we have taken Ivermectin the first days.

And I can say that the symptoms were not intense, thank God.


Thanks for sharing, I am glad that you were helped by it. I had symptoms about a year ago that seem to me to be identical to COVID19, though it has never shown up on testing. I had no special treatment and only really got through OK due to knowing how to clear my own lungs out (I had asthma growing up) - it was no fun, that's for sure.
I have yet to hear from anyone who used Ivermectin and had no benefit!