The Damned Truth About The PCR Test

in #covid192 months ago (edited)

This is a very inconvenient truth... and anybody watching this has the duty to help it go viral and more importantly download it right away, and repost it again regardless of it being taken down or not. And please repost it on several platforms.

If hundreds of people could do just that, the battle would be won within a few weeks because each passing day, hundreds of people would join the battle for the truth.

straight from the horse's mouth, Kerry Mullis, inventor of the PCR test (5mins)

That will be it for today, we just thought of sharing this ASAP... as you may guess. The stakes are too high to just wait! There are 4 versions currently on YT, two of which have barely 2,000 views each. There all are several months old ... What is going on? Let's fix this!