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RE: Pfizer + J&J Scientists Exposed: "Companies Are Evil", "Natural Immunity is Superior To the Shots", "Policy To Inject Children is Wrong And Driven By Money"

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It's very clear that money has been a major motivator in some of the policies.

Take travel testing. You have to pay for a minimum of 3 tests; Before you travel, when you arrive and on day 10. This is the big scam: if you want to get out of quarantine early, you can test on day 5 for "early release". Here is my question: why not let everyone test on day 5, hence removing the need for day 10, and giving everyone the possibility of "early release"? -- crickets

Here's an additional question. Why can't we use these FREE tests being handed out that are supposed to be "nearly 100% accurate" to do the travel testing? Are you saying they're actually not accurate? -- crickets.

There's so much money being made in testing that many of the cosmetic shops in my neighbourhood made the pivot into "Covid travel testing centres" 😂


100% correct. I had to pay $500 for testing to get back to the UK from Australia. The tests were performed by the SAME people, using the same equipment as the free ones - the cost was for the paperwork!

As I've said for over a decade, there is an ancient epidemic of heartlessness and denial.