"Believe in Science", informative poster meme

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For more than two decades, Soviet science was pushing the agenda in order to bring together genetics and Marxism. No amount of proofs, laboratory and field tests was enough. Hundreds of brave scientists willing to speak the truth were sent to gulags. Poor farming practices lead to unprecedented famines.

Believing in Science Lysenko.jpg


Poor farming practices

It was called Genocide by anyone who told the Truth. It was completely intentional.

Wow there's that "6 million" hmmmm.. and a full decade before 'Hitler'.

Bolshevik famine 6million.png

Bolshevik famine.png

The Bolshevik/Soviet 'leadership' was not Russian. They hated Russians.
If you want to know more, read some Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

bolsheviks - alexander solzhenitsyn.jpg

Communists and national-socialists were brothers in ideology. The only difference was the target. The logic was the same.

Those people destroying Russians, hated Russia because for them "proletary" was their kin. Why not destroying Russians?

What happened in the ussr is more properly titled socialism, it's the second 's' in their name.


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