The “Anti-Vaxxer” Strawman

in #covid3 years ago


The government and corporate media (at this point is there any difference between the two) spent the past year over-stating the danger of COVID-19, and now they are under-stating the danger of the covid vaccine. Anyone who says as much will be labeled a “crazy anti-vaxxer conspiracy theorist who doesn't believe in science.” However, that is a strawman position.

I am pro-covid vaccine for vulnerable populations with preexisting conditions. The vaccine is not very dangerous for most people, just as covid is not very dangerous for most people. If you are young and healthy, covid poses no serious health risk; therefore a vaccine is unnecessary. Just as mandatory masks and lockdowns were unnecessary for young healthy people. They should have gone on with their lives as normal while the vulnerable groups went into self-isolated quarantine until a vaccine was available.

A vaccine could have and should have been available much sooner if there wasn’t so much red tape and regulation by the FDA. Young healthy people should have been able to volunteer to medically test the vaccines’ safety so they could have been approved earlier and given to the vulnerable groups. Had that happened, we’d already have herd immunity and this entire pandemic would be long over.

Instead, people went into mass hysteria, happily locking up themselves and others and forcing everyone to wear masks for a virus that—for young healthy people—is no more dangerous than the normal flu. And the hysterics have the nerve to call those who didn't succumb to their mass delusions “crazy conspiracy theorists” and “science deniers.” Covid-skeptics are not denying covid or science, but the propagandized distortion of science that the government and media brainwashed the masses into believing is “Science.”

The truth of the matter is, for a small subset of the population who are especially vulnerable to COVID-19, the vaccine could be an essential life-saving medicine. But for the rest of the population, the vaccine is little more than a placebo cure for mass hysteria.


There is so much arguments against getting a vaccine that is extremely experimental and now all these claims about how there is no common cold anymore just reinforces that this is a complete scam and more like medical tyranny