Protect the Children, Drop the Masks

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I had another dinner with several blue-pilled progressives, who were once again spouting the propaganda fed to them by the corporate press. This time, one said how Ron DeSantis as the potential next president was "scary."

"Scary?"... Why?

"Because of his Covid policy."

Why is that? So far as I could tell, Florida has had the best Covid policy. They kept businesses open and allowed individuals to make their own health choices. With no lockdowns or mask mandates, their overall numbers were no worse than the states with heavy restrictions.

"But DeSantis is forbidding mask mandates in schools."

And what is the problem with that?

A boomer-con at the table chimed in with: "It should be up to the parents whether their children wear masks, not mandated by the government. This is a free country, not China. People came here for freedom and liberty."

Which is all correct, though in typical boomer-con fashion, it was completely tone-death about how that rhetoric would be received by a progressive. To them, invoking China in any negative connotation is a dog-whistle for racism, and the term "liberty" is practically hate speech. So do you think the progressives heard those valid points and said, "You know what, you're right. This is a free country. Parents do know what's best for their children."

No, of course not. The progressives protested, "But some parents are messes and can't be trusted with that responsibility. So there must be government mandates to protect them."

Forget the fact that it is not the government's responsibility to mandate health policy "for the good" of its people. How can the government possibly know what's best for the health of all the people when the health of each individual is so different? In this case, who is the mask mandate even supposed to be protecting? The children for whom Covid poses virtually no risk? Or the teachers who have been jabbed with the "safe and effective" vaccine?

"But there's still a small risk..."

There's a "small risk" for everything: car accidents, drowning, being struck by lightning, falling down the stairs, choking... Does that mean you should never get in a car, swim, walk outside, use the stairs, or eat? Of course not. The party of "FOLLOW THE SCIENCE" is clearly not following the science.

Actual scientific evidence shows that mask mandates are a greater health threat to children than Covid-19. Covid poses no health risk to children, but masks inhibit breathing and wearing one all day becomes a cesspool of germs and bacteria more harmful to them than the coronavirus itself. Not to mention all the deleterious psychological effects of not being able to see the faces of your peers during such core developmental years. All masks do for children is virtue signal: "I'm good, I follow 'the Science,' I care."

If you really care about the children, you will end all mask mandates in schools and get back to normal as soon as possible. Since Covid poses no risk to children, it would actually be beneficial for them to catch the virus and attain natural immunity (which is more protective than the vaccines), and that in turn would help the entire population reach herd immunity, finally putting this entire pandemic to an end. Mask mandates for children is not only pointless for the health of children, it is harming the health of older people (even those who have been vaccinated) by preventing the population from reaching herd immunity. It makes you wonder if the powers that be even want the Covid pandemic to end... There are certainly groups who would profit from it continuing indefinitely: pharmaceutical companies, news media networks, mega corporations like Amazon, central banks, the deep state...

Though if you really care about the children, you will not send them to the government detention centers that are public schools in the first place. Even if you manage to ban mask mandates and critical race theory, most teachers are still inherently progressive and will inevitably slip propaganda into their lessons. By the way, that progressive from the dinner party who called Ron DeSantis "scary"? His job is a public elementary school teacher. I wonder what his students think about masks?...

Which really renders the entire "mask mandate at schools debate" moot. Masks do not need to be mandated if all your teachers and administrators are State-worshipping progressives who have been and will continue to feed their students the Covid-regime's propaganda. Even if not mandated, most school children will still want to wear masks to please their masters. Those rare children who don't may be the future's only hope.


Andy Ngo just put out an excellent article on this crazy antifa teacher and his fear-based tactics on manipulating his young students views. We are doing so much harm by allowing some pretty crazy individuals to have access with our children.

However it is very much a fact that our children are being taught away different history and belief system then previous generations have gotten.