No, Covid is Not Our WWII

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With the vaccine rollout in full-swing and lockdown restrictions slowly lifting, Stockholm-syndromed progressives are finally venturing from their fascistically-imposed quarantines to attend social gatherings. I had the misfortune of attending one such event recently at a dinner party with extended family and friends. It was a mix politically, though all were blue-pilled, varying from blue-pilled progressive Democrats to blue-pilled boomer-con Republicans. Obviously the discussion of Covid was unavoidable, and when talking about Covid, the topic of politics is unavoidable. So predictably things got heated.

One progressive talked about how he was appalled to have seen on Fox News a rally in Florida with crowds cheering for governor Ron DeSantis for dismissing the lockdown restrictions and vaccine mandates. "How could he do such a thing?" this liberal asked. "And how could they cheer such a thing? It's like Americans during World War II cheering to stay home and not enter the war."

I told him that was a false dichotomy on multiple fronts.

"How?" he asked.

"Do you really want to go down this road?" I said. "Because I can tell you right now how it's going to play out. I'm going to present counter-facts which you have never heard before because of your mainstream/left/progressive filter-bubble, and due to cognitive dissonance you will have no choice but to dismiss my points out of hand without even examining them. You will double-down on your previous positions, and the conversation will have gone nowhere. I'm happy to do it anyway, but I'm telling you right now that's how it's going to play out."

He chuckled condescending, and said, “No, I'm open minded.”

Sure you are…

So I explained: "First of all, what those crowds of Floridians were cheering for was freedom—for a governor who did not shred their Bill of Rights for a virus with a 99.98% survival rate—and if you are young and healthy, a death rate that is statistically zero. There is a small subset of the population for whom Covid is dangerous, and they should have taken precautions to quarantine, social distance, wear masks, and potentially get the vaccine. But the rest of the population should have gone on with their lives as normal since said survival rates were discovered. Then we'd have reached heard immunity a year ago."

He said, "But there are people who can't get vaccines, so they need others to get it to protect them."

"Well, no," I said. "Again, those vulnerable people should have quarantined and let healthy people go out and gain herd immunity. Even now, given the mess that's happened, the best course of action is for everything to open up fully. Let those who want a vax get it, and those who don’t will acquire natural immunity. Those vulnerable people who can’t get vaxxed can stay in quarantine until heard immunity is reached. But for this to happen, everything needs to open fully—that means no masks or social distancing or capacity limits or any restrictions. It is those very "safety" measures that are preventing us from reaching heard immunity. And besides, despite Florida being basically completely open for most of the past year, their Covid numbers were no worse than California who was under strict lockdown with mask mandates. So really, what are you complaining about?"

"Well, I don’t know that we can trust those Florida numbers," he said.

"What are you a science-denier?" I said. "A conspiracy theorist?"

"No," he said. "It's not a conspiracy theory. It was in the New York Times."

"Sure," I said. "Like how the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were in the New York Times, and the Trump/Russian collusion hoax."

"Well... That was different," he said.


"Second of all," I said, "that was a false analogy because you were implying that those people should have been happy to go kill other people and die themselves in WW2."

“But the holocaust…” he said.

“Could have been prevented,” I said.

Now this was a mine field because he was Jewish, so I had to preamble that, "Obviously Hitler and the Nazis were terrible despicable evil people, and I am not defending them, but... The US did not enter WW2 because of the Holocaust. That was propaganda spin added after the fact. The Holocaust did not happen yet when the US entered WW2. In fact, the Holocaust could have been prevented if the US didn’t enter WW2."

At this point his brain nearly exploded. "Again, I’m not defending Hitler," I said, "he was a bad guy—the worst of the worst—but his plan was not to kill the Jews—he just wanted them out of his country. Yes, of course that is still wrong and bad and evil and racist, and yadda, yadda, yadda. But racism is different from genocide. Hitler offered to send Jewish refugees to other countries, but the US refused to accept them."

"I don't know about that," he said.

"Of course you don't," I said. "But it's true. Look it up. Hitler kept the Jews in prisoner of war camps, with no intention of killing them. The US did not enter the war to save the Jews because they already had a chance to do that without any bloodshed but declined to do so. Their decision to enter WW2 was out of a bloodthirsty greed-fueled quest to expand the American empire. So then with Germany fighting wars on multiple fronts, they didn't have the resources to feed their own people, let alone their prisoners—so the Jews in the camps began to starve. It was only then that the Nazis started sending the Jews into gas chambers because they had no food for them and nothing else to do. The US forced Hitler’s hand into the Holocaust by entering WW2. Again, I have to reiterate: Hitler and the Nazis were terrible evil people. This does not excuse what they did, which was an absolute travesty. But the point is, that travesty—much of the bloodshed of WW2 and the Holocaust itself—could have been avoided."

Now how do you think he reacted to that?

Truth be told, the above conversation never happened. I didn't say anything to him after doing that initial calculation in my head of how the conversation would go. Instead, a boomer-con responded with some half-assed response about it being a free country—which was true enough—but the progressive was expectedly unconvinced and no progress was made in the conversation. He thought he got the upper hand over this "ignorant science-denying Republican." It was probably best for me to stay out of it, rather than having this family friend think of me as a science-denying anti-vaxxer grandma-killing Nazi-sympathizer and Holocaust-denier (which I am not). Never mind that my actual grandma (in her 80s) was the boomer-con who debated him, and she had gotten Covid last year and survived.

These year-long lockdowns were like gasoline on the already burning fire of tribally separated filter-bubbles. The left and right already have separate media filters, and the one thing they could not filter out before was actual family and friends with alternative political viewpoints who might challenge their beliefs—until it became illegal to see extended family and friends.

So loyal Democrats have had a year's worth of progressive propaganda with zero pushback, forcing them even deeper into their delusional self-righteousness. Which is exactly how the powers that be would like it—divide and conquer. I envision no future where these blue-pilled progressives and boomer-cons (or their progenitors) can peacefully live in the same country together. America needs a national divorce.

If Stockholm-syndromed north-easterners cannot stand freedom-loving Floridians, and truly think they are a danger to themselves, then secede and let the "ignorant crazy science-deniers" have their own country so you never have to interact. A Californian does not know or care about how Paraguay is handling Covid, so why must they care what Florida is doing? Decentralize.


It appears that the pandemic drove progressives deeper into their tribal bubble.

On the bright side, it is possible that students will wake up to the fact that progressives do not have their best interests at heart.

Students suffered a great deal of disruption to their lives for a disease that was not severely affecting their age group.

Unfortunately, our political system was rigged by opponents of liberty. Students who jump from the progressive tribe are bound to land in the conservative tribe ... and, lets face it, conservatives are worse than progressives.

BTW, have you ever studied the history of Conservatism. Do, you even know where it came from?