What happens if I catch Covid and die ? What happens if I take the Vaccine and I die ?

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It’s a real Conundrum.

Most of the people I know have already taken the Vaccine ....

My parents and In-Laws have taken the Pfizer vaccine, ... all of my aunts and uncles and brothers and sister (Front line Health Workers, Care Givers, Essential workers) have all taken the Vaccine....

My neighbors are telling me NOT to take the Vaccine and have sent me videos from Dr Tenpenny and others telling everyone not to take the Vaccine.

The Vaccine will kill me and my wife and my children.

The Schools and workplace are saying we need to take the Vaccine.

People here on the Interwebs are saying everyone will die if they take the Vaccine.

What to do.... What to do ....

It looks like all my loved ones are goners.

It’s too late. Nothing can be done.

They will all be dead in a few days, weeks, or months or years ....

What should we do ?

I guess I’m going to die.... eventually.

If everyone I love dies , my parents, my brothers and sister, my wife and kids and I .... and we all go to heaven or hell or back to the Universe , where we already are... at least we will be together.

What can I do ?

I’m here for a good time not a long time.

Besides I believe in Reincarnation...

I’ll just come back as a bird or something.... and get killed by a Wind Turbine.

Right ?


I’ll just come back as a bird or something.... and get killed by a Wind Turbine.


this is the best part

Yeah ... you always need to read to the very end to find the true kernel of wisdom.

I have had so many vaccines in my life I am already dead.

With your sick humour you will come back as the Wind turbine. Don't give up hope.

Yeah.., an inanimate object for sure.... probably just a rock. I’d be ok With that too.

Perhaps a crystalline rock at the least

Quartz..... with gold.

I've said, I don't really want to take it and I do not trust the powers that be to be honest to the general public about the hazards, but I am going to do it anyway.

I normally don't take vaccines or flu shots, because my body has been healthy enough to stand it's ground on these things, but after knowing a few people who have died and a few others that are healthier than me get covid and have an extremely hard time fighng it off, I feel like I need too.

I don't want too, but my first shot will be Monday. If I don't make it, I'll be sorry I did that !

It’s a difficult situation. So many people telling me not to take it... so many of my loved ones already have taken it.