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RE: Vietnam has the best Covid response in the world, but does it matter?

in #covid2 years ago

I suspect it's due to the way the disease is reported. I did some number-crunching a couple of weeks ago, using, and it showed that Europe and the US have MASSIVELY more incidences of coronavirus and deaths from it than any of the Asian countries (including China now). Japan has suspiciously low numbers, despite having the world's largest proportion of elderly people. This is suspected by some to be due to its former hopes of hosting the 2020 Olympics.

Israel has substantially more cases of and deaths from coronavirus than its neighbour Palestine.

The BBC has recently been reporting that people have been dying "with coronavirus" rather than "from" it. A few days ago, they said that 10,000 people in the UK have died "with coronavirus". That sounds to me as if someone is fudging the figures.

It's very difficult to get an accurate picture of the spread of this disease.


i keep hearing that hospitals in the USA receive 13,000 dollars if they report a covid case. That would explain a lot, i wonder if that is true. Any ideas?