Anonymous New Zealand Doctor Reporting Nano-Tech in the Pfizer COMIRNATY Vaccines: This is DARPA Funded Wetware

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A while back I posted some disturbing evidence brought fourth by a brave group of German based medical professionals stating they had discovered heavy metal nano-particulates in the COVID vaccines.. This is what initially got me into researching exactly what the hell was going on with this global pandemic narrative and push to vaccinate everyone.. Needless to say the truth of the situation is ultimately orders of magnitude more terrifying than I could have even dreamed..

Taken a Pfizer (or other brands) COVID vaccine and or boosters? Say Hello to the nano-technology almost certainly being used to perform all sorts of otherwise unnatural calculations and measurements in your body tissues.. The pictures below are a collection of Pfizer COVID vaccine contents under magnification between 1600x - 4000x using a technique called dark field microscopy on samples between slides..


Now initially being the forever skeptical type I wanted to chalk this up to something like urea crystals or some other naturally occuring crystal our body chemistry might come up with..

Then you start seeing pictures like the spooky, obviously engineered and not a natural occuring lattice structure,. Nature rarely if ever works in straight lines or 90 degree angles, let alone making complex shapes that appear to almost be assembled in such a way to optimize EMF signaling...


So not only do you have entirely unnatural self assembling / organizing nano-tech antennas and wetware circuits being pumped into majority of the populus, but it also seems on top of the obvious engineered / straight lines and angles of these nano-circuits there is also some biological far more arterial looking elements to some of these nano formations, such as what is exhibited below:


Now part of me thinks that this could be fibrosomething or perhaps a fungal contaminent.. Hard to say without having the sample in front of me available to to spectroscopy on to determine elemental compositon.. Then on top of the antenna or arterial styles there also appears to be the integrated circuit esque nano-tech:


Now I'm not going to claim that the above picture is a nano integrated circuit with the protrusion on the bottom left acting as an antenna to transmit and receive EMF illumination to energize them, read their sensors... But it isn't a completely out to lunch stretch to say that is kinda sure as this looks like that is what it is.. and it's not like.. one per a vaccine.. there are TONS of these different constructs in these vaccines.


The rectangular chip looking nano-tech is pretty common it seems in these vaccines...


Note the similar length / scale of the little antenna legs these things grow..? That is extremely suspicious to me and almost indicitive that these things are designed to grow to this certain size in order to more effectively operate in certain EMF frequencies.. As far as I know these nano technologies don't have onboard power and require EMF / Microwaves illumination in order to operate as sensor or antenna or monitoring apparatus or kill switch or whatever the fuck these things are being used for. My inner cynic thinks this might be them trying to wire us all up to some sort of smart control grid or something.. Like what the actual fuck, this is some strange "vaccine":


The reason I am siding that this is indeed nano-tech and some form of injectable self assembling wetware is because DARPA has already stated they have this tech, I just didn';t expect it to be widely let loose on the civilian population, as it was prior used to do remote vital stats monitoring in special forces solders and whatnot. The term they call this nano-tech is electro-pharmaceuticals or Electrical Prescriptions ( AKA ElectRx ).

There is nothing natural about the formations of these things.. Keep in mind these pictures come from samples of sterile vaccine containers, ruling out body manufactured and pointing towards self assembling. The doctor reporting these pictures and findings stated that some of these formations would grow or shift in design over time..



Multiple batches were tested by this doctor under his microscope, he stated certain samples had higher counts of "circle" shaped nano-particulates than the square / rectangle types.. But also noted that it was extremely common to see the circle particles and square particles attract to eachother to make more complex geometries:



I've linked the article I found this on below, please share this information with those you care about as now that not only 1 countries medical trained folks but now another have come outright and said they found nano-tech in the vaccines.. 1 could have been a coincidence, but 2 different parties in 2 different countries reporting the same thing? I don't believe in coincidence here.

Stay safe, don't take the vaccines or fall for the propaganda and fear mongering. All politicians of the countries insisting people take these horse shit trojan horse vaccines should be tried under the Geneva Convention. 100%

Effective vaccines do not require monthly boosters... Nor do they contain what I can only describe as satanic application of technology on unknowing / unwitting citizens of earth. This Global attack on our lives, health and freedoms is appalling. The government, news, and nearly all government subsidized or employed folks either know about this going on and pus hit anyways or aren't aware and have been duped like the rest of us.. Scary times.


anonymous = bullshit

I mean, at an occams razor level, perhaps..!

But if you'd spent 8 years in school to get accredited and would get canned for whistle blowing..?

Dunno man. God I kinda hope you are right to be fair though.

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Firs thing they must look this ....

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It's hard for the commoner to admit they were taken as fools a lot of the time.

Ukraine and Russia have been warring for a long ass time. 100% right.

It's all manufactured crisis to manipulate the societal norm and outlook.

Hell, I was kind of looking forward to the world getting straight fucking nuked in WW3.. Highly doubt it will happen liek that though.. these newest gen nukes are small yield precision weapons. :)

And funny thing is that.... who are this ones in this Ukraine military who shelling civilian there .... when I was look in this deep in the rabbit hole as I can, it will make a sock when you see who these soldiers are :((

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