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RE: Vietnam has the best Covid response in the world, but does it matter?

in #covid2 years ago

"I just want my bars and restaurants to reopen for craps' sake." lol..well if the numbers are low there then you won't have long to wait. But the numbers are astonishing, even if they are even a third accurate.

That would be amazing if the Vietnamese were largely immune!

This post was 4 days ago, any word on opening things back up? Today Texas announced restaurants can reopen next week but only for take out and drive-thru windows..and probably delivery.


they reopened take out and delivery, which was great. I had some NY pizza 2 nights ago and last night had Indian take-away. This was a great change from my usual hot dogs and instant noodle cups. dogs and instant noodles! Man, you'll be living high now! That's great news indeed.