Organic Elixir - A Coronavirus Potion From Africa

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//Mystery Tonic//

Coronavirus testing, treatment and vaccination are all areas that are progressing. The world is spending resource to mitigate and resolve the ongoing pandemic with science. Personally, I feel the interpretation or delivery of scientific information has been skewed to suit political opinion and as time goes on, the wrong and rights will continue to separate themselves. I have friends all over the world and talk of a “coronavirus cure drink” went over my head for a moment. I did remain curious however when another friend mentioned research regarding an herbal drink from Madagascar.

//Madagascar Discover and Deliver//

Located in Africa, the Republic of Madagascar is an island that resides in the Indian Ocean with a number of surrounding islands nearby. Its population currently sits at around 26.3 Million and is a developing country. There is limited data available to determine the severity of the outbreak and current statistics point to an increase in cases over time. It becomes increasingly difficult to discern the reach of COVID-19 with limited resources for testing. Claims that an herbal based drink could both prevent and cure coronavirus are significant. The country has since signed multiple deals with other African countries to supply the tonic, sharing their apparent success.

//Organic and History//

At the heart of this organic remedy is Sweet Wormwood, otherwise known as Artemisia annua. It’s a wormwood that is native to Asia but has spread to different parts of the world and has been used in various organic treatments including Malaria. A quick search brought up a handful of research pieces which included Artemisia annua as a possible component to treating SARS after the previous epidemic and showed promising results. It was poised as a fusion of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Unfortunately, it would appear that further research was not conducted over the years and the arrival of the global pandemic has once again brought the wormwood to the centre of discussion.

//Research and Hope//

Scientific proof is what various bodies are concerned with on the new that the African countries are beginning to sign deals with Madagascar for treatment. Dosage regulation, structured testing and analysis seem to be lacking for now but perhaps research currently ongoing in Germany/Denmark will discern the exact effectiveness of the organic extract. It’s been a key component to treating malaria and other viruses, with little toxicity. While I feel uncomfortable about consuming herbal elixirs on a whim, it is encouraging to see researchers collaborating and seeking an understanding through science. I am just as conscious about vaccines, testing and understanding is required but I am hopeful that an organic solution can be proven to be an effective form treatment in this fight against coronavirus.



Hello @higgs, this is @notconvinced on behalf of Natural Medicine.

I heard about this and find it interesting. I agree that science tends to be cherry picked for political gain and profit too often these days.

That makes it very hard to know what to believe.


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