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RE: Vietnam has the best Covid response in the world, but does it matter?

in #covid2 years ago

yes Thailand is very reliant on international visitors and other countries like to pretend that they are not, but international commerce is pretty essential to all countries well being or barring that, some level of affluence i guess.

I have heard about the alcohol ban, the Hash House Guys were really whining about it... haha. I am sure they all stocked up!

Who knows what the future holds, the present is so nuts that I can only hope that it is better :)


It's like a movable feast everyday, with a bit of quicksand thrown in for good measure. I hear so many conflicting views that in the end I just have to turn it off....

Stay safe and well. 🙂

yep, that is 100% true. I see so many of my friends get really worked up on this issue, spending hours a day arguing with strangers online about it and I think that since our opinions don't really change the situation very much that it might be best to do anything else other than try to get to the bottom of this. If there is a conspiracy, we are never gonna find out about it :)