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RE: Anonymous New Zealand Doctor Reporting Nano-Tech in the Pfizer COMIRNATY Vaccines: This is DARPA Funded Wetware

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There are so many people who don't want to wake up still, one of funny user also was say she hed is what war now and she knows corona is very real 🥴🥴🥴...they not want to realize we've been lied ...and they're injecting shit outside. Same is what this Ukrain war 👌 they not want look in what have happen last 12 years in Ukrain .

Firs thing they must look this ....

You're asking why Russia has launched a special military operation in Ukraine 2022 ?

" Since 2014 to the 2022 the Ukranian armed forces

have been shelling civilian areas of the Donbas region ,

Where there are many dead, both adults and large numbers of children."

And no one talks about it, but everyone yells about that Russian is in there Ukraine,

and the strange thing is that the Europa countries was aware of this.


It's hard for the commoner to admit they were taken as fools a lot of the time.

Ukraine and Russia have been warring for a long ass time. 100% right.

It's all manufactured crisis to manipulate the societal norm and outlook.

Hell, I was kind of looking forward to the world getting straight fucking nuked in WW3.. Highly doubt it will happen liek that though.. these newest gen nukes are small yield precision weapons. :)

And funny thing is that.... who are this ones in this Ukraine military who shelling civilian there .... when I was look in this deep in the rabbit hole as I can, it will make a sock when you see who these soldiers are :((