COVID19: Major Awakening Under Way In France And Canada!

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Something terrific has happened. My son has awakened to reality. He told me that I was right and that he now regards the whole world situation as "diabolical". Really, he said that and he is not religious at all! He says that the documentary Hold-Up did it for him and many of his friends. 100's of 1000s have watched it so far.


Hold-up is a new 2hr30 documentary going viral in France and French Canada about covid19 and the Great Reset. Awareness is definitely spreading like wildfire.

Among other things, the documentary reveals that the virus was concocted by the Pasteur Institute in 2015, high ranked scientists interviewed speak of "systemic coverup". Three high ranked scientists interviewed admitted that most medical studies are either biased or wrong, that all the research on COVID19 available from their health department directly is either confusing or/and doesn't add up.

Even The Lancet, publishing peer review papers, is among the major culprits and was caught to falsify covid data.

The medical field is now corrupt beyond belief. All the scientists interviewed accept the conspiracy facts, and the most outspoken portray the situation as "satanic", coming from directly scientists means a lot.

The doc investigates how fear damages cognitive functions, terrorizes kids and adults alike. That some kids are so scared that they will even demand to wear the mask at home.

It warns that the economic fallout will have dire consequences. A 2nd global lockdown will absolutely shatter everything we took for granted.

That COVID19 has not been isolated, media are lying. That viruses intervene in the making of the DNA and that we do not have to fear them like this. That the whole dark agenda is plotted by Davos billionaires to implement radical transhumanism.

The complicity of the media to sustain high levels of fear and squash dissent. It also links Google, Blue Tooth to vaccine certificates to monitor all of us 24/7. Exposes scientific dogmas, science is a new religion, compares the situation to the Great Inquisition. This Technocratic Great Reset will allow the media-corporate science conglomerate to decide who can live and die.


I will let you know when a full-length version is available with the caption in English

The war on "insane conspiracy theories" is another one meant to induce an additional level of "divide and conquer". The latter are the results of competition and monopolies, business as usual. Now even mentioning Robert Kennedy Jr. (who has dedicated all his life to vaccine safety) gets one labeled as a GOP denier... how far will it go??

The catch is that only experiencing reality will bring about changes, and not only individually but collectively.

Knowledge is not enough but needed to spread the word and awareness of the big picture. Calling for a system change without a full understanding or/and fully explaining its interworkings is exactly why we have been repeating history for millennia.

We are dealing with a monster of our own making that many will not dare look into the eyes because it is too awful and painful to accept. Preventing others from getting a full scope of the situation also delays any real actions.

Anybody aware in this moment and time has the duty to help free humankind!


Amazing how they like to use the term "science denier" when all independent scientific analysis into the mainstream mantra is ignored. That is not science to them. Only what fits the narrative is allowed to be considered science.

yes, this is the new inquisition and it is going to get worse :(