How to Properly Denounce Maskers in canada

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The scientific method used during pandemic was destroy early on, preventing us from gathering accurate statistics to use from the start, the mask is a non-sequitur. You don't have the datasets to complete the scientific method used to track coronavirus outbreaks, unless you are from Wuhan and in the Chinese Communist Parties approved list of scientists. The first 8 doctors who brought forth private studies from their practice at their clinics, were charged with crimes against the Chinese Communist Party. Those Doctors documents were subsequently destroyed and deemed malpractice of medicine by the CCP. If you don't have access to this data, you don't have the science.

How to Denounce Pseudoscience Concerning Masks in Canada

First of, remember there is a time and place for masks, but you the individual get to decide when that is in a free society. The conflict of interest here is not about the science, the medicine, the doctors comments, or your families unique circumstances. The conflict of interest is pertaining to your Charter Rights in Canada, contrary to the logical fallacies the counter party in this argument may suggest is the issue, regardless of this discern for health, your rights SUPERSEDE their healthcare in all contexts of the law. There is no healthcare or doctor that gives you the right to harass any private person(s) for any reason, not just the mask...

"It's discriminatory towards my religion, of which I have privacy rights protecting me from being forced to reveal, to ask me to wear medical equipment without a doctors consent. I will ask you politely, please stop harassing me and refrain from making gestures that violate my human right to creed in Canada, thank you" - PhusionPhil

I wear a mask in crowded public areas, but if you think a mandate is mandatory, boy are you wrong. You rights end where mine begin Karen.


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