The situation in Spain because of the coronavirus

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The situation in Spain due to the Coronavirus is still quite bad, it seemed that both the maximum peak of infections and deaths had passed, but it seems that it is rebounding again. So the containment is being extended several times (logically).

According to data published by the Health Department this morning, very sadly, the number of people infected by Covid-19 in Spain is 146,690 and the number of deaths is now over 14,555.
48,021 people have been cured of the virus.

Spain is currently the second country in the world with the most infections, after the United States and followed by Italy. We hope that all this will soon be stopped in Spain and in all the places in the world where people are suffering :( .

We have been in a state of alarm and confinement for over three weeks, (you can only go out to buy food and basic necessities, and go to work if your job is considered essential (supermarket workers, health care, essential services in banks, etc)). At the moment, it has been confirmed that it will be extended until April 26, but they already say that it will also be extended at least until May 15.

The truth is that this whole situation will affect the Spanish economy a lot. All the self-employed who cannot continue their activity and all those workers who cannot carry out their work by teleworking, and whose work is not considered essential, are already affected. Unemployment is increasing a lot, besides ERTEs, it is temporary unemployment that ends when this situation ends.

In this graph, published by the Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security, we can see the great increase of unemployment in Spain in March due to the state of alarm and the confinement due to the virus. Also taking into account that these data do not include the ERTE (temporary unemployment).

Let's hope that all this ends as soon as possible.
Many encouragements to people who may be suffering or have loved ones suffering from it.


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