Corona Curation: The Farce, Facts, And Fun

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Virus travel in water droplets.

Aerosols produced by people when they breathe, talk and cough are generally between about 0.7 microns to around 10 microns

Great collection - I'm going to copy them all for my corona webpage. Many thanks!



You have totally ruled out the suffering caused by the virus. The main reason it scares regulators is because they are mostly old people. Their chances of dying is higher.

And comparing the reported casualties with the population is retarded. The reported deaths are much lower than the actual deaths. And opening up with increase the death toll by 10x.

Not retarded, as even with those distorted figures, it’s miniscule. Of course, if it were possible to get the actual deaths and compare, the entire thing would be a laughing stock. Nonetheless, using those numbers that are the only ones available to work with still speaks volumes...

Great numbers. That is always the statistic that I am looking at. The number of people who have it and survived. I think that is a much better gauge on the impact of the virus.

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