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RE: New York takes the lead on 'Contact Tracing' - Which the WHO recommends against

Neil Ferguson is a professor of mathematical biology. No doubt this means his models are based on 'big data'.

I wonder if his models show 'vastly different outcomes' based on several different variables, and it's just the media or the institutions he works for selectively picking up on the 'extreme cases' he models.

He's unlikely to hold a post in Imperial College if he's just straight up wrong about everything.


I'm sure his "models" (nobody else ever gets to see/review it, so it could simply be an .exe that says to shut down the world) show a range of scenarios, but the reports released (with him as lead author) always stress the worst-case scenario, and recommend shutting down the planet.

The thing is, not only is Imperial College on Bill Gates' payroll (~$290 Million), but Neil himself is also the acting director of the "Vaccine Impact Modeling Consortium", which is funded by The Gates Foundation & GAVI (which is itself funded by The Gates Foundation.)

It seems likely that Neil's job is less about being "right," and more about fanning the flames of BG's mandatory vaccine/RFID agenda.

Oh in that case it really does seem a clear cut case of big pharma money controlling the data.

This stuff is actually on the A-level sociology syllabus, I'll make sure I get it out there to a wider audience!