US COVID Update - We might be peaking! (06-04-2020)

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I can hardly believe this myself, but it seems to be happening nearly across the board. It may be a data reporting problem nation wide, but every state reported data today. It's not like any of them reported no data.

NY new cases down by 3000. NJ down by 900. MI down by 400. CA flat (for now). LA down by 1500. MA down by 600. FL down by 400. PA down by 900. IL down by 400. WA down by 400 (to 200+). TX up by 100 (to 550). GA, CT, CO flat. IN flat. OH down 100. TN, MD up 100. NC, VA down 100. The rest are so low they might as well be flat.

New deaths in US down by 200 from yesterday (1300+ by my calculations to 1100+). And they should be lagging. New York had just less than 600 new deaths. NO OTHER STATE HAD EVEN 100 NEW DEATHS. MI 77 new deaths. NJ 71. LA 68. IL 31. 3 states had in the 20s. No other state had as many as 18. (All data taken from state sources for deaths, They report at different times, but this is a midnight to midnight reduction from the previous same time frame,)

If this holds we have passed the peak and incredibly quickly. I urge caution. I've seen nothing that leads me to believe that we're reporting incorrectly even if it is Sunday, but there is always a possibility that there is something about Sunday reporting, but this didn't happen last Sunday, nor the Sunday before.

I would happily wake up tomorrow and see it was only a 1500 drop for some reason. That would have been good.

I have to think about this. It is totally unexpected and I want to consider possibilities a bit. Bit I felt it would be wrong to hold the data any longer. Look for another update.