Frontline Workers Testimonials & VAERS Reports April 20, 2021

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Frontline Workers Testimonials & VAERS Reports April 20, 2021
This 90+ page pdf has been removed from where it was hosted. What is everyone so afraid of?? Informed consent is not dangerous, it’s an essential part of health care. If sharing the risks of a medical procedure is dangerous, then I think that medical procedure might be dangerous?
We should all be alarmed by the amount of censorship, deletion, silencing of opposing voices when it comes to vaccines.
Every vaccine has risks. And vaccines are not the only solution for the coronavirus. There are treatments. There are things like improving ones health, with such simple things such as supplementing with vitamin D, and making sure you exercise daily, and eat good, nourishing food. Cutting out things like sugar, and processed foods. Reconnect with what it means to be human! Do not be so afraid of microbes.
Ever since the beginning of this pandemic, many of us knew it was always “about a vaccine”. It was always about mandating the vaccine. Of getting adults vaccinated. Of getting kids vaccinated. Of creating this division and dichotomy between people. Of turning people away from common sense, away from their intuition, away from asking questions. Of making natural states of being like caution and hesitancy a ‘danger to society’.
If you fell into the trap, I’m truly sorry. I know many who have. Please let the light smack you awake.
Here is the file: