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I read a few entries in the internet that gin tonic (or to be more exact, "tonic water") MIGHT HELP to prevent or cure coronavirus. Someone who claims to have had it (positive test, if this says anything) claimed that he made it through very well by drinking this stuff. No guarantees, this is NOT medical advice, this is just anecdotal evidence. Please note that you do not have to drink alcohol to get this stuff, it is also available as a soft drink or even as almost plain "tonic water":


Tonic water vs coronavirus
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Tonic Water - It's not Just for Gin


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. This is in no way intended to be medical advice.

I was talking to my mother yesterday and we somehow got on the subject of the coronavirus and from there to Hydroxychloroquine. This led to another discussion about a stomach bug that I'd had years ago. I had been having difficulty shaking the thing when I happened upon an article about tonic water and quinine.

I don't remember anything about the article other than the fact that tonic water contains quinine. I had a couple of symptoms of malaria but I lived in central Texas at the time so I was sure that I didn't have it. I was sweating profusely, had abdominal pain and cramping, and was always on the verge of puking. I may have food poisoning but it went on for several days.

After reading the article, I went and bought a liter of tonic water and a bottle of grenadine to help mask the taste. I mixed some up and drank probably two glasses a day for two days and my symptoms went away.

Was it due to the tonic water or the illness running its course? I think the former not the latter.


There are several articles online about Hydroxychloroquine and coronavirus. Check here, here and here:

Feel free to search for yourself and see what you can find.

Getting Hydroxychloroquine requires a prescription. Quinine does not. It can be ordered on line from various places.

With both of these drugs there are side effects which include possible death. I don't know if there is a disclaimer on tonic water.

This is merely anecdotal in that I believe it has worked for me before.