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I've been following the latest news of Covid-19 virus. so I dicide to share about how the development of the Covid-19 pandemic so far, the virus that has limited our activities since A year ago..

This pandemic is truly terrible and has infected as many as 115 million people and has caused the death of 2.56 million people. (3 March 2021) and it continues to grow from day to day...😢

The Covid-19 pandemic that has been going on for 1 year definitely makes us hope and wonder when this pandemic will end. so do I. That's why I'm doing research on the latest developments of this virus. and after following some of the latest news of this pandemic that based on several accurate sources, such as WHO and experts, I conclude that so far there have been quite good developments regarding this Covid-19 virus and also there are some things that may not be very pleasant to know, but That's the reality....


as we can see, that the WHO (World Health Organization) has issued an official statement predicting when the Covid-19 pandemic will end. it's next year, 2022. WHO believes that Covid-19 can be handled properly, so that human activities as usual will slowly get back to normal.

this prediction makes sense because of the fact that the trend of covid-19 transmission in the world has decreased quite significantly, so the target in 2022 that this pandemic will end may be achieved.

USA's Covid-19 trend

usa - Copy.png
India's Covid-19 trend
india - Copy.png

the trend of covid-19 transmission is decreasing. USA and India are the 2 countries that have the highest number of positive cases in the world for Covid-19 so far. and both of them have succeeded in reducing the rate of transmission of covid-19 on their countries.

This WHO prediction is also further strengthened by the success of researchers to find effective vaccines to overcome Covid-19. and countries such as the USA, China, Russia to India have managed to find their own vaccines. and it makes possibility of overcoming this pandemic even greater. Moreover, these vaccines are claimed to have a high level of effectiveness to ward off the covid virus.


Russia's sputnik V vaccine is one of the vaccines that is claimed to have an efficacy rate of up to 92% against Covid-19. Likewise, other vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna also have effectiveness levels above 90% against the corona virus...


It's hard to believe that we still to accept some bad news regarding this pandemic actually, but it's the reality..

even though the covid-19 virus vaccine has been found, there is big problems comes up.
vaccine production is still low and not proportional to the total human population.
Moreover, there are actions from developed countries that have political and financial advantages to compete to secure vaccine supplies for their own countries.

this vaccine race action, making the stock of vaccines limited. so that why lots of countries don't have the opportunity to access vaccines for their people. especially countries that are categorized as not having political or financial capability.

Of course this situation will make our dreams to be free of Covid-19 in next year, as predicted by WHO, will be even more difficult. because global Herd immunity will not be achieved if only some countries have vaccinated..


the discovery of a new covid-19 variant, namely Corona B117, has raised various concerns regarding the effectiveness of previously discovered vaccines. Recent studies have reported that this mutated virus has caused decreased resistance to some vaccines. such as the Novavax vaccine, which initially had an effectiveness rate of 96% but then fell to 86%. Likewise with the AstarZenecca vaccine which has an effectiveness rate of 86% down to only 75%.

although those vaccine has decreased due to this new variant. Both vaccines are still suitable for use because in theory a vaccine can still be used if the effectiveness level is above 60%.

but the problem is when there are other types of new covid-19 variants that might make these vaccines completely ineffective. because as we know that the covid-19 virus continues to mutate until now..


honestly it's difficult to conclude that how the development of this pandemic is. or when this virus ends but by comparing the two news above, we can probably guess how it is...


The vaccines may provide us with immunity to severe cases of COVID-19. However, we can't still expect the pandemic to at least last until a year or so. The current development in vaccination gives a brighter perspective on when the pandemic ends. There will be bad news along the way as we know the virus may mutate any time. I do hope it does not mutate to a point where it is vaccine-resistant.

I agree with least vaccination give us a brighter prespective....but to know when this pandemic ends i have no idea...maybe WHO has another prespective..

Yay! 🤗
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