Why non-Asian coronavirus "victims" are in fine health

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"I don't have any symptoms. I would never have known [that I had coronavirus] had I not been randomly selected..."

These are the words of Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Oregon who tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship. See her full interview:

There are 369 people on the Diamond Princess who have tested positive for novel Coronavirus (2019 nCov). Yet I have seen no evidence that any of them are seriously ill. Indeed, all the reports are of "mild" cases - meaning nothing you would normally even see a doctor about.

This is by far the largest group of people of non-Asian ancestry who have tested positive for 2019 nCOV.

There is also the case of British "super spreader" Steve Walsh, who like the good boy scout he is, reported himself to the nCOV hotline after having mild flu like symptoms because he was aware of having contact with another confirmed nCOV case. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10937268/coronavirus-uk-brit-superspreader/

While he infected a number of other westerners in France and the UK, there has been no report of any of them being seriously ill.

Why is nCOV deadly to Chinese but not those of European ancestry?

There has not been a single death from 2019 nCOV of a person of non-Asian ancestry.
The "American" who was earlier reported to have died in Wuhan was later corrected to be Lian Hong, a 53 year old Chinese woman who had spent considerable time in the US, but was not a US citizen.

Nor have there been reports of serious illness from 2019 nCOV in Africa, where the Chinese are very active and where flights from China have continued. This has been explained by a lack of nCOV testing kits, but if people were seriously ill they would have sought medical attention and nCOV would have been suspected via other diagnostic means.

Indeed, the only cases of people outside Asia testing positive for 2019 nCOV are when authorities have traced the contacts which a confirmed case had or have tested a whole ship.

There have been no independent outbreaks.
Given how contagious 2019 nCOV is, it seems impossible to believe that authorities could have traced and caught every non-Asian who had caught it.

The more plausible explanation is that 2019 nCOV doesn't make non-Asians sick enough to bother going to the doctor and appears like a very mild cold (which is another type of coronavirus).
I am not the first person to state this and there is a solid scientific explanation as to why.

2019 nCOV targets ACE2 receptors

2019 nCOV enters the body by targeting the ACE2 receptor.
This is similar to SARS.

People of North Asian ancestry (Han Chinese and Japanese) have much higher levels of ACE2 receptors than Europeans.
Source: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EPnyPKvX0AAtdJ0?format=png&name=900x900

See also: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.01.26.919985v1.full

This may be why Chinese and Japanese get less lung cancer than Americans while smoking more.
Certainly there is a link between ACE2 receptor expression, smoking and predisposition to become seriously ill from 2019 nCOV.


While this is a very early stage analysis based on the limited data available, the implications are very significant!

One of the key factors that makes 2019 nCOV so dangerous is that data out of China indicated that 20-25% of those that contracted it became seriously ill and needed an ICU bed. This statistic is very scary for health care professionals because it means that health systems are quickly overwhelmed.

The other key statistic was the death rate: at 2.5%-5%+ it was 100 times higher than flu.

But if these percentages are close to zero in non-Asians then 2019 nCOV is not serious threat outside Asia.

It also means that nCOV may have silently spread much more widely in the rest of the world than is known. It is just that people who are not sick don't normally have any contact with the medical system and thus will never be diagnosed.

Once it becomes apparent that 2019 nCOV is not a mortal threat to non-Asians and has already spread silently throughout the world, non-Asian governments will de-prioritise the issue.

But for the Chinese and Japanese, 2019 nCOV will remain a mortal threat.
Their natural and sensible reaction will be to cut off contact with outsiders and demand nCOV free certificates before having personal contact with any outsider who could be an unknown super-spreader.

It will lead to a massive split in the world economy, with the world's 2nd and 3rd largest economies de-coupling from the rest of the world.
Both China and Japan have long histories of self-isolation and 2019 nCOV could lead them back down this path.

2019 nCOV is a black swan event that will change the world forever.
Exactly how remains to be seen, but the massive disruption of the global economy which I predicted over 2 weeks ago is gaining pace and now appears unstoppable.

While you can't control the world economy, you can make sure you get your piece of the damages from the world's largest class action lawsuit (which is not negatively affected by 2019 nCOV]:

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I hope you’re wrong but I also think this is very significant.

There’s also research that this doesn’t affect infants. I’d love to know whether these ACE2 receptors only show up later in life.

Yes, that's another interesting angle on the ACE2 receptor.

This video discusses a human trial of a RSV vaccine in infants, in which two children died. This is stated to resemble the SARS-CoV vaccine modulated pathogenicity in the paper he discusses.

Very interesting thoughts. There are so many horror stories making the rounds at the moment, it's really hard to know what to think.
Have you read the post on Reddit, supposedly coming from a high ranking officer in China? Not too sure about that either, but it's the worst case scenario for sure. I have a friend in Shanghai and he's moved to Vietnam because of the shit that hit the fan there.
It's all really messed up there.
Thanks for your insights!

@tipu curate

Thanks for your comments and the tip. Which reddit post are you referring to from the high ranking officer?

Here's the link. Now, he did mention that he left stuff out 'not to be recognized', but there's clearly still enough information in there that would give away his identity if they knew him/were present. So I'm not too sure about this source. It's truly 'worst-case scenario' stuff though.
It's almost like they took parts of that Dean Koontz book.

I had a quick look at this Reddit post and it reads like a Dean Koontz book because thats what it is - pure fiction.
The Reddit post provides no evidence to back up its outlandish claims.
Contrast the detailed evidence in my post or the evidence supporting the position that nCOV was bio-engineered in the Wuhan Virology Lab.

I agree. It was far-fetched. Now, I won't get out of the way of a good conspiracy if the evidence is present but in this case I think the story was well written, almost too well and it's such a long story that I started to think: get to the point. Personally I do think it was man-made, possibly for a purpose rather sinister. But this story line is just too much Hollywood. I went from pure interest to laughter at the part where he described the broken vial during a chase. But the fact that this virus showed up just as there were riots in China (not just in Hong Kong from what I've heard) is not a coincidence I think. But that's just my opinion. 😊

I think its engineered at the Wuhan Lab, but not as a bioweapon, rather for defensive immunology. A real bioweapon would be far more deadly and only an idiot would design an uncontrollable bioweapon that targeted your own people.
This was a huge stuff up by the Chinese government that is costing them dearly. When the choice is between conspiracy and incompetence, 90% of the time its incompetence.

I have to agree again. My first thought was that it was vaccine testing gone wrong. However, I wouldn't put something else past any of these people either.

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Having a bit more of a detailed look at that list, Bengali Bangladeshi populations are quite a bit higher up than Punjabi Pakistani. There are large populations of both those, often in proximity to one another, in the UK.

If this thing starts spreading in the UK there would be hotspots in those two with a prediction of more severe cases in the Bengali populations.


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