A slightly different SBI contest results #2

in #contest3 years ago

The problem of the last contest was:
(x–n)² = -n
n is the reputation of the individual participant, to make copying of the result harder.
The solution is again quite simple, if you know how complex numbers work:
x-n = √(-n)

x-n = √(-1) * √n

x-n = i*√n

x = n + i*√n
Despite this simple solution there only was one participant(@addax).
If this situation consists the contest might end rather soon :(

No need for the random picker here.
@addax you won. Congratulations!
Screenshot from 2019-08-16 13-34-37.png

The next contest will start tomorrow.
I think I will remove i from the equation, so anyone who knows a little math will be able to solve it.