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RE: Creating my own style with my PNG images

in #content2 years ago

Wow! what a blog. It's just in the last year that I've learned how to manipulate images. This started with @shaka's lets make a collage contest.

You have great tips. All the software I use is free--so I especially like your tip on Paint 3D magic select. A lot of my effects are accomplished by using GIMP tools.

I agree that images and content complement each other. Often, when I'm stuck, I'll make a picture and then the direction of my post will come into focus. Works for the reader, and me.

I'll be checking your links for more tips :)


I think pictures can help stimulate the thought process. Works for both writers and readers.

There are many good tools out there but not everyone is able to spend a lot to get them. Most computers should have software such as Paint, Paint 3D, and PowerPoint.

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